Audiovector QR1
Audiovector QR1
Audiovector QR1

Audiovector QR1: Bookshelf speakers with detailed and distinct frequencies

Audiovector QR1 systems have a 2-way configuration. Of the pair of bass drivers, the lower one is filtered at 800 Hz, and the upper one works before joining with the tweeter, which occurs at 3000 Hz. The 15 cm diffusers have a sandwich structure with two thin layers of aluminum and a porous polymer binder layer. In combination with the concave hemispherical shape, a very rigid structure was obtained, capable of operating in piston mode at high signal amplitudes. Low distortion is ensured by a double magnetic system, which creates a uniform field in the area where the voice coil moves, and by large-width suspensions.


Audiovector QR1 delivers detailed and distinct high frequencies, while deep bass with inherent dynamics brings out the message in every song. The crossover cutoff for this model has a frequency of 3 kHz. The frequency range of the acoustics is quite wide, starting from 45 Hz and ending with 45 kHz. A single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum was used to make the speaker front panel trim. Its color is Tungsten Titanium Grey. The ribbon tweeter is distinguished by the presence of a gold-plated lining, which is assigned filtering functions using S-Stop technology. This filter, which was introduced during the production process of the model, is an analogue of the popular POP filters from the audio recording industry. The function of the scattering grid located in front of the tweeter is filtering control of sibilants. Sensitivity and resistance indicators are 87 dB and 4-8 Ohms, respectively.


When producing the Audiovector QR1 bookshelf speakers, engineers paid special attention to the development of a new sandwich membrane, which has high strength due to the use of aluminum and damping properties (this was facilitated by the use of soft materials). As a result, the implemented three-layer sandwich does not color the audio with extraneous sounds at all and works identically to an ideal piston over a wide range. The new woofer from Audiovector in the QR1 bookshelf speaker model performs optimal piston movements within several octaves of the frequency range. There are no typical distortions for drivers made from aluminum or carbon. The user receives accurate and detailed sound; dynamics and musicality are the characteristic features of the Audiovector QR1 model.


The bass reflex port is a narrow slot in the bottom, and the air flow is discharged into the gap between the body and the lower platform. Due to this, the quality factor (Q) of the system is optimized, so the design is called Q-port. The crossover filters in the QR1, as in all Audiovector acoustics, are extremely simple, with minimal losses and phase shifts. Therefore, the developers did not provide for separate connection of the strips – there are only two input terminals. The systems are available in black lacquer (pictured), in dark walnut veneer, there is also a white matte version. The grills are attached with magnets. The quality of workmanship and finishing is excellent.

Characteristics of Audiovector QR1

2 emitters, 2 bands
Acoustic design: bass reflex
Frequency range: 45 – 45000 Hz
Sensitivity: 87 dB (2.83 V/1 m)
Nominal/minimum impedance: 8/4 Ohm
Crossover frequencies: 800, 3000 Hz
Power input (max): 150 W
Finish: black lacquer, dark walnut, matte white
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 190x325x232 mm
Weight 1 pc.: 6.2 kg

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