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Backes & Müller Jubilé IO: Designer loudspeaker premiering at HIGH END 2024

The Backes & Müller Jubilé IO is particularly effective at blocking out reflections from the ceiling and...

Backes & Müller Jubilé IO
Backes & Müller Jubilé IO

Up until now, if you wanted to have great sound in a big, modern living room, you pretty much had to go for those bulky speakers. But now, there’s a new option: the Backes & Müller Jubilé IO compact loudspeaker with its patented cylindrical wave radiator that tricks the room acoustics. It’s perfect for a living room setup and will be showcased for the first time at the HIGH END 2024 event in Munich from May 9th to 12th.

What’s great about the Backes & Müller Jubilé IO is its sleek and minimalist design, along with its slanted baffle. It can easily blend into any living environment, whether you place it on a metal stand, a designer lowboard, or a shelf. And the best part? You won’t even notice it’s a hi-fi technology because its drivers are cleverly hidden.

Amplifiers and crossover electronics are already included in the active speakers . This also eliminates the need to control the speakers with voluminous and massive HiFi components. A slim streaming component, also as a hidden black box with tablet control, makes the B&M Jubilé IO the complete system of the future.

Dynamics and enormous power reserves

Many manufacturers promise big sound from small speakers. The compact active speaker Jubilé IO fulfills this promise in every respect: The inconspicuous sculpture contains a 3-way configuration with 800 watts of system power, four loudspeakers per housing and a membrane surface like an adult floorstanding loudspeaker. The digital switch technology ensures an absolutely time-correct transition with perfectly focused radiation behavior.

The 30 centimeter diameter bass chassis of the active loudspeaker from Backes & Müller is installed on the side in a closed housing and is controlled by sensor control for the best impulse processing and dry bass. In conjunction with the built-in room measurement, this guarantees perfect sound quality even when placed in the corner, on the wall or on the lowboard.

Digital technologies for real high-end sound

Many music listeners only realize how important the room is as a sound-determining component when they move. Roaring, blurred images and hissing highs spoil the music listener’s enjoyment if the speakers and room acoustics don’t harmonize with each other. The active loudspeakers from Backes & Müller are therefore equipped with globally unique technologies that enable optimal music enjoyment even in untreated living spaces. These include patented cylindrical wave radiators, controlled bass loudspeakers and digital, time-correct room measurement .

Prices and availability

The Backes & Müller Jubilé IO active loudspeaker will be ready for demonstration from May 9, 2024 and can be ordered from authorized dealers. Different surfaces and colors are available upon request.

The recommended retail price is 19,999 euros. The first public listening demo will take place at HIGH END 2024 in Munich.