Bastanis Imperial Uno and Duo open baffle speakers unveiled

Bastanis presented two unusual loudspeakers made in an open acoustic design (open baffle). The Imperial Uno model is equipped with a 12″ full-range speaker that covers the range from 100 to 7000 Hz, a dipole tweeter in the horn, as well as an active horn bass section with a 15″ speaker.


The Imperial Duo model has two 12” full-range drivers and a dipole tweeter in the horn. Bass reproduction is handled by a separate Specter “board” with four 15” woofers and a horn, which is placed between two Imperial Duo systems – essentially a 2.1 set with an active low-frequency section.


Wideband systems are connected directly to the amplifier, without crossovers; the signal is fed to the tweeter through a single capacitor, which provides a roll-off slope of 6 dB/octave at frequencies below 7 kHz. This design allows for a sensitivity of 98 dB. The bass speakers are powered by their own amplifiers, and the company provides customers with a wide range of options from different suppliers. DSP can be added to the system if desired.

The boards are made from solid walnut or oak; other finishing options are available on request. Approximate prices (without bass amplifier): Imperial Uno – €49,852, Imperial Duo – €124,388.


  • Realistic uncompressed live music dynamics.
  • Superior low-level detail.
  • Beautiful natural sound free from any disturbing artifacts.
  • Big, realistic imaging due to the dipole characteristics of the open baffles.
  • Highest efficiency, compatible with any high-quality amplifiers, including fly-powered SE tubed amps.
  • Coherent sound based on the Bastanis 12″ wideband drivers covering the frequency spectrum from below 100Hz to 7KHz.
  • For optimal imaging, the Bastanis Gemini MKIII horn tweeters are dipole, like the wideband drivers, adding air and resolution.
  • The Bastanis 15″ floor-firing horn woofers guarantee seamless integration and offer fundamental bass free from compression even at high listening levels.
  • The Spectre woofer system introduces a fundamental new perspective in the world of large bass horns. In the big version, no less than four 15″ bass horn woofers offer unlimited dynamics even in large rooms, all while remaining fully invisible. The beautiful solid wooden sideboard furniture, with no visible technical function, houses one of the biggest, most dynamic, and best-sounding home stereo bass systems of all time. Due to the absence of a physical connection between the invisible horn woofers and the visible sideboard, the sideboard serves as a high-quality rack for electronics and accommodates the woofer electronics hidden inside the middle part of the sideboard.

The Bastanis Imperial speakers are designed for living and listening to music inside the living room. If you have a separate listening room, they will enhance its aesthetics and bring you closer to the live experience — engaging, dynamic, beautiful, and fully relaxed, providing a deep and immersive experience, only limited by the quality of recordings.

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