Beolab 8
Beolab 8
Beolab 8

Beolab 8: Elegant and compact speaker from Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen, the Danish luxury brand, unveils the “Beolab 8,” a portable speaker model notable for its striking design, suitable for both ensemble configurations and standalone usage.

Originating from Bang & Olufsen’s Factory 5, the newly introduced “Beolab 8” speakers are engineered with a tri-driver system, encompassing a 16 mm tweeter, a 3-inch midrange driver, and a 5.25-inch woofer, following the prototype design of the “Beolab 17” model. These speakers offer versatility, serving as integral components of a surround sound home cinema setup or functioning independently as a pair of speakers, connecting through WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 using Bang & Olufsen’s latest Mozart platform.

The “Beolab 8” speaker, offered by Bang & Olufsen, features customization options with Danish-crafted wooden slats or a fabric front, maintaining the signature design ethos shared with other Beolab and Beosound products, including the “Beosound Theater,” “Beolab 28,” and “Beolab 50.” This model boasts enhanced performance over its predecessors by incorporating advanced technologies such as beamwidth control, room compensation, adaptive tuning, and notably, ultra-wideband technology.

This ultra-wideband technology enables the “Beolab 8” to adapt to its environment, optimizing sound based on the speaker’s placement within a room. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with the corresponding app, it can locate the acoustic sweet spot relative to the user’s smartphone location, delivering an immersive sound experience with a dynamic sweet spot.

Beolab 8 is available in a spectrum of customizable colors, including Silver/Natural Aluminum, Gold Tone, and Black Anthracite. These can be paired with speaker covers in options such as oak, light oak, dark oak, or fabric. The “Beolab” speakers are retailed starting at 2,499 euros.

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