Best High-End speakers 2024
Best High-End speakers 2024
Best High-End speakers 2024

Best High-End Speakers 2024: The pinnacle of recent engineering

The luxury audio industry is perpetually in flux, and in keeping with tradition, we’ve gathered to reflect on the latest achievements, highlighting the most remarkable and standout loudspeakers.

Below, presented in order of increasing price, are the “top” and most striking speaker models that embody the pinnacle of recent engineering advancements and superior sound quality.


10. Perlisten S7t

Price: $7,990

The Slim Perlisten S7t speakers not only boast distinctive checkered cones but also an innovative design in their high-frequency (HF) assembly. In line with current trends, they feature an entire DPC-Array of speakers for superior sound extension from above, including a 28 mm beryllium tweeter and a duo of TPCD drivers. This configuration yields an ultra-transparent sound quality. Additionally, four Textreme TPCD woofers provide robust support from the lower frequencies, reaching down to 32 Hz. These speakers are capable of producing a remarkable sound pressure level of 117 dB, setting them apart from their competitors in terms of material presentation quality, far exceeding what their price might suggest.


9. Gryphon EOS 2

Price: $20,800

The Gryphon EOS 2 steps in to take the place of the iconic Mojo branded bookshelf speakers; despite their transition to a floor-standing design, these speakers are housed in remarkably compact enclosures. However, true to the Danish company’s reputation for excellence, they manage to extract deep bass down to 26 Hz thanks to the extensively modified 7.5″ drivers by SB Acoustics, featuring carbon fiber laminated cones that perform exceptionally well. Complementing the low end, a 1.34″ beryllium dome tweeter ensures pristine highs. With a sensitivity of 89 dB at 6 ohms impedance, these speakers don’t necessitate the use of excessively powerful amplifiers. An ingenious design feature allows for the phase inverter to be switched between the front and rear planes, facilitating the placement of these speakers in smaller rooms with ease.



Price: $24,000

The TAD-CE1s, having enjoyed nearly eight years of critical acclaim within their series, are now succeeded by the TAD-CE1TX. This new model astonishes with a frequency response that extends up to 100 kHz (indeed, this is accurate), and it delivers bass from as low as 24 Hz. However, due to its speaker sensitivity of 85 dB at a nominal impedance of 4 Ohms, it requires a robust amplification partner. When properly paired, the synergy between the 18cm MACS II diaphragm woofer and the CST mid/treble driver—an integrated coaxial unit comprising a 14cm magnesium alloy diaphragm and a 3.5cm beryllium dome—produces extraordinary sound quality.


7. Graham LS5/5f

Price: $24,995

The Graham LS5/5f, a rejuvenated classic originally developed for the BBC in 1967, received a significant update in 2022. Enlarged cabinet sizes have enabled it to showcase a frequency response ranging from 40 Hz to 20 kHz. While the sound pressure level may not be exceptionally high at 104 dB, these thirty-five-kilogram behemoths are capable of transporting listeners straight into the heart of the early 70s, evoking the ambiance of Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. Featuring a 12″ woofer, complemented by an 8″ midrange driver and a 1″ soft dome tweeter, the system achieves a sensitivity of 88 dB with a comfortable 8 ohm nominal impedance.


6. Troy Audio Acapulco

Price: $36,000

The Troy Audio Acapulco serves as a splendid revival of the iconic Altec Santana model from 1960, bringing it back into the limelight. With an enhanced frequency response that begins at an impressive low of 26 Hz, an impedance of 8 ohms, and a sensitivity of 97 dB, this modern iteration makes it possible to pair the speakers with even single-ended tube amplifiers. The inclusion of GPA 415-8C Biflex speakers, equipped with an Alnico magnetic system, alongside a significantly modified super tweeter from Fostex, promises to unlock the gates to audio nirvana for its listeners.


5. Magico S3 2023

Price: $45,500

The Magico S3 2023 model encapsulates the pinnacle of innovation from the renowned American company, previously exclusive to the flagship M9 model, now available at a more accessible level. This speaker features enclosures constructed from exceptionally thick, 5-centimeter aluminum panels, and introduces the latest 1.1-inch tweeters equipped with a diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm. The 5-inch midrange drivers are ingeniously designed with a sandwich structure, consisting of a honeycomb aluminum core encased in graphene and carbon fiber for unparalleled sound clarity. Additionally, it boasts revolutionary 9-inch woofers with Magico Graphene Nano-Tec cones, which also utilize a honeycomb aluminum structure, and the voice coils are crafted from titanium, ensuring durability and exceptional sound reproduction. This model represents the epitome of luxury in audio technology, with a frequency response ranging from 24 Hz to 50 kHz and capable of handling input power of up to 750 W.


4. Monitor Audio Concept 50

Price: $60,000

In a market often characterized by its conservatism, the Monitor Audio Concept 50 introduces a truly innovative design. Utilizing 3D-printed enclosures, this speaker features two parallel “pipes” that house four 7.9″ woofers arranged in pairs facing each other. Complementing the low-end, The Array—which comprises six 4″ speakers and an AMT (Air Motion Transformer) Micro Pleated Diaphragm tweeter—handles the rest of the sound spectrum. Seamlessly integrating such diverse components into a coherent sound profile is a challenging feat, yet the engineers at Monitor Audio have excelled, delivering a speaker that not only impresses with its scale but also stands out for its exceptional timbral accuracy and unified sound presentation.


3. DALI Kore

Price: $110,000

The DALI Kore series represents another ambitious venture into the high-end audio market. These flagship speakers, capable of producing sound from 26Hz to 34kHz, achieve a remarkable sound pressure level of 118dB. Each speaker, weighing in at 110 kg, has a nominal impedance of 4 ohms and a sensitivity of 88 dB. The bass performance is exceptional, even within its elite price category, thanks to the use of twin 11.5″ woofers equipped with dual Balanced Drive coils and the cutting-edge SMC Gen-2 cone material, delivering outstanding results. The high frequencies are rendered with exquisite detail by a 35mm EVO-K Hybrid soft dome tweeter and a super ribbon tweeter, ensuring the sound delivery is, as DALI is known for, exceptionally airy and refined.


2. Børresen M1

Price: $100,000

The Børresen M1 speakers, despite their modest size, command a hefty price tag of one hundred thousand dollars, a testament to their groundbreaking impact on the audio industry through audacious engineering innovations. These speakers boast a frequency range from 40 Hz to 50 kHz, but their relatively low sensitivity of 87 dB and impedance of 6 ohms mean they demand potent amplification to perform at their best. A standout feature is the use of loudspeakers with zirconium baskets, a material choice that necessitated the use of a specialized 3D printer for its fabrication. Moreover, Børresen’s proprietary magnetic systems eschew iron content entirely, and the speakers utilize unique ribbon membranes designed to resonate beyond the measurable spectrum. Such meticulously crafted components come together to deliver an experience of pure, uncolored sound, setting a new standard for audio fidelity.


1. Wilson Audio Alexx V

Price: $135,000

The Wilson Audio Alexx V marks a significant milestone, encapsulating the finest attributes of the brand’s ultra-premium models. It features a bass module equipped with two drivers, measuring 26 cm and 31 cm, respectively. The incorporation of new QuadraMag midranges and the CS tweeter extends its operating range from 20 Hz to 32 kHz, with an impressive capability to produce sound pressure levels up to 120 dB. With a sensitivity of 92 dB and an impedance of 4 ohms, these speakers will indeed challenge your amplifier. However, provided the amplifier is robust and stable, users have the flexibility to even opt for a tube amplifier. The Wilson Audio Alexx V is renowned for its astonishingly natural sound quality, offering an auditory experience that is nothing short of mesmerizing.