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Bluesound Pulse M (P230): Compact wireless multi-room speaker

The PULSE M (P230) from Bluesound stands out as a sleek, high-performance wireless speaker within the Bluesound multi-room system. Its Omni-Hybrid speaker design provides a broad soundstage and rich...


The PULSE M (P230) from Bluesound stands out as a sleek, high-performance wireless speaker within the Bluesound multi-room system. Its Omni-Hybrid speaker design provides a broad soundstage and rich audio quality, surprising for its compact size, making it an ideal choice for smaller spaces like kitchens, bedrooms, or offices.

This speaker features a modern, elliptical shape with a textile covering, enhancing any contemporary décor. Its glass top incorporates a proximity sensor, activating illuminated touch controls for an intuitive user experience. With five personal presets, users can instantly access their favorite playlists or radio stations without needing a phone.


The Bluesound app offers comprehensive control over your music collection, including album artwork and full functionality at your fingertips. It supports major streaming services like TIDAL, Spotify Connect, Deezer, and others, and plays a variety of audio formats, including 24-bit HD audio, over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Integrated internet radio adds to the convenience.

Expandability is a key feature, allowing for multi-room setups, stereo pairing for authentic sound imaging, or use as wireless rear speakers with a Bluesound soundbar for an immersive TV and movie experience. Adding a Bluesound subwoofer elevates this further.

An eco-friendly deep standby mode is also included, conserving energy when not in use. Available in multiple colors, with optional wall mounts, floor stands, and remote control for enhanced usability.


Developed by the renowned NAD, known for its superior hi-fi products, Bluesound delivers uncompromised audio quality and flexibility across all rooms. It’s designed for seamless integration with both NAD equipment for audiophiles and other systems for a comprehensive, wireless music experience. Support for AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth offers versatile streaming options, including high-quality aptX HD format.

Bluesound supports a wide array of online music services and high-resolution audio files, ensuring access to a vast music library in superb quality. The user-friendly Bluesound app facilitates easy control over your music across different rooms, offering a tailored listening experience throughout your home.


Setting up Bluesound is straightforward, requiring only your Wi-Fi password. It’s designed for both standalone use and integrated installation solutions, providing flexibility and ease of expansion without the need for extensive setup or wiring, making it an ideal choice for both music enthusiasts and those new to home audio systems.


  • Great sound quality and good strength for a wireless speaker of this size
  • Elegant textile finish
  • Top plate in glass with touch buttons and proximity sensor
  • Five personal quick selections (presets) for internet radio, playlists etc
  • Bluetooth with aptX HD and Apple AirPlay 2
  • Easy setup and full app control
  • Two PULSE M can be configured as right/left channels in a stereo setup or as wireless rear speakers in a Bluesound home theater
  • Full wireless integration with other Bluesound multi-room components as well as BluOS MDC module extended NAD amplifiers/receivers and DALI EQUI speaker system
  • Streaming of your own music collection on PC/Mac, phone and tablet as well as online radio and streaming services (TIDAL, Spotify Connect, Deezer etc.)
  • Connection of external digital or analogue sound source and wireless Bluesound subwoofer
  • Plays HD sound up to 24-bit/192kHz (incl. MQA)
  • Can be set to offline standby (0.5 watts)
  • Specially designed wall mount and floor stand are available as optional extras


  • No option for battery operation
  • Limited strength in large rooms
  • Not suitable for damp rooms
  • Some options support even more streaming services
  • True hi-fi still requires a good amplifier and separate speakers