Børresen Acoustics O and Z Series Available in Cryo and Silver Supreme

Denmark-based Børresen Acoustics has expanded their O and Z series floor standing speakers with the Cryo and Silver Supreme versions. In both series, concave spherical diffusers are a 4mm honeycomb structure between two layers of thin, ultra-strong carbon composite, and ribbon tweeters are responsible for the upper range.

Each of the two series includes three floor stands (Models 2, 3 and 5) and one “rack” speaker (Model 1). In the older O series, ring neodymium magnets are used for low and medium frequency drivers.

In the Cryo Edition, the metal components of the Z-Series speakers are cryogenically processed, which lasts about a day. After that, impurities are displaced from the granular structure of the metal, bringing it closer in properties to a single crystal. According to Børresen, this “opens up a new dimension of reproduction.”

In addition, in the O series, the optional equipment of drivers with parts made of silver, a metal with maximum electrical conductivity, has become available. Also in the Silver Supreme Edition, the copper pole rings of the mid and bass drivers have been replaced with handmade silver rings of our own production.

In Europe, the prices of Børresen acoustics are as follows:

Series O.

Model 1 – 29,700 euros, in the Cryo version – 31,700 euros, in the Silver version – 43,000 euros.

Model 2 – 42,200 euros, Cryo – 46,200 euros, Silver – 68,870 euros.

Model 3 – 59,500 euros, Cryo – 67,500 euros, Silver – 99,500 euros.

Model 5 – 100,000 euros, Cryo – 110,000 euros, Silver – 166,670 euros.

Series Z.

Model 1 – 10,000 euros, Cryo – 12,000 euros.

Model 2 – 16,000 euros, Cryo – 20,000 euros.

Model 3 – 23,000 euros, Cryo – 29,000 euros.

Model 5 – 40,000 euros, Cryo – 50,000 euros.