B&W 707 S3: Ultra compact speakers designed for audiophiles

The B&W 707 S3 is the compact jewel of the 700 series, designed for audiophiles seeking superb sound quality and a high-end finish without the bulk of larger speakers. Its size allows for easy placement in a bookcase or on a shelf, though it truly shines when paired with quality stands. Bowers & Wilkins’ long-standing reputation for excellence in this speaker category is evident in the 707 S3’s performance. It delivers clear, natural sound across a range of music genres, though it is best suited for listeners whose tastes extend beyond heavy rock or techno. For those craving deeper bass, adding a quality subwoofer, such as one from B&W’s own line, enhances the listening experience.

The 707 S3 sports a luxurious finish that blends seamlessly with any decor, offering options like lacquer or real wood veneer. Its magnetically mounted front grill adds to its sleek appearance, eliminating visible screws and mounting holes. Available in various designs, with optional matching stands, it offers versatility and style.

The 700 S3 series represents a significant advancement in both design and technology over the previous S2 series, drawing inspiration and innovations from the high-end 800 D4 Series Diamond. This leap forward delivers a near high-end experience at a more accessible price, setting a new benchmark for mid-range audio equipment. The series boasts a refined design, with options in high-gloss black, matt white lacquer, or Mocha real wood veneer. Its slim profile and curved front, featuring prominently displayed units in ‘pods’, minimize sound distortion and enhance visual appeal.

Innovations include the patented Nautilus tweeter with a Carbon Dome, achieving remarkable sound clarity up to 47 kHz without added weight or compromise. The series introduces a separate housing for the tweeter to optimize sound dispersion and minimize cabinet vibration effects. The unique “edgeless” Continuum FST midrange and new Biomimetic Suspension contribute to an extraordinarily clear and transparent audio quality, ensuring an optimal listening experience from any position.


The 700 series also features Aerofoil profile bass elements for precise and dynamic bass performance, mirroring techniques from the 800 series but with a simplified construction that maintains exceptional quality. The crossover design is streamlined for a more direct signal path, enhancing sound quality further, and the speaker’s heavy-duty terminals and unique Flowport ensure lasting performance and cleaner bass, respectively.

In summary, the B&W 707 S3 and the entire 700 S3 series elevate the standard for mid-range audio systems, offering a blend of sophisticated design, technological innovation, and unparalleled sound quality that is hard for competitors to match.


  • Impressive full sound in relation to its size
  • Well-resolved and very musical sound image
  • Carbon Dome treble and Continuum bass/midrange
  • Solid and resonance-damping cabinet
  • Newly designed dividing filter with extra refined components
  • Exclusive finish in lacquer or real wood veneer


  • Not top-mounted tweeter in separate Nautilus housing
  • Natural limitations in the deepest bass
  • Requires quite a bit of power to play really loud

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