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B&W ASW608: A serious active subwoofer

The ASW608 has a classic design with a bass speaker placed on the front...

Bowers & Wilkins ASW608
Bowers & Wilkins ASW608

The Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 active subwoofer is the youngest model in the sixth B&W “line”, but has very serious equipment. The device is equipped with a woofer with a 200 mm diameter cone made of Kevlar, paper and resin. This combination made it possible to create a lightweight, rigid diaphragm that is resistant to bending and virtually devoid of resonances. The flexible and durable surround provides the piston-like movement of the cone necessary for high-quality bass reproduction. The subwoofer is assembled in a closed housing and has a classic design with a bass speaker placed on the front panel. Deep internal damping of the housing reduces parasitic sound coloration when the subwoofer operates at high volumes. The subwoofer’s Class D amplifier produces 200 W of output power.

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On the rear panel of the Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 there are input signal level controls (separate for linear and acoustic inputs), a control for the cutoff frequency of the input filter, as well as a toggle switch to turn it off – for example, when connecting a subwoofer to the low-frequency channel output of the receiver. Also, using the switches available here, you can use bass extension circuits (modes A, B, C) and equalization, change the absolute phase of the signal and enable auto-start mode when a signal appears at the input. Accordingly, line and acoustic inputs are provided, as well as a trigger control input.

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With more control over its sound character than many similar models, the B&W ASW608 can be fine-tuned to work with a variety of speakers. The optimal configuration of additional switches is described in detail in the instructions for the device, depending on the various options for its use, so setting up the Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 will not cause any difficulties. The subwoofer produces full-bodied, deep and well-focused bass, and, since it is assembled in a closed housing, it is not afraid of being placed near the wall of the listening room. The device is perfect for use in stereo sets and in home theaters, and is capable of adding solidity and energy to the sound of an audio system. The exterior finish of the Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 is available in black or white.

Characteristics Bowers & Wilkins ASW608

Frequency range 23 Hz 25/140 Hz (- 6 dB), adjustable
Frequency response 32 Hz 40/140 Hz (± 3 dB), adjustable
Placement floor-standing
Housing type closed
Woofer 8 inches, cone reinforced paper
Amplifier power 200 W, class D
Inputs linear RCA, acoustic screw, trigger On
adjustments signal level (line input), signal level (acoustic input), input filter frequency 40 – 140 Hz, disable input filter, bass extension (-6 dB / 20 Hz , 25 Hz, 30 Hz), absolute phase switching
Auto-on system yes
Power consumption 400 W/0.5 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 260 x 260 x 330 mm
Weight 8.8 kg