Cambridge Audio MINX MIN22
Cambridge Audio MINX MIN22
Cambridge Audio MINX MIN22

Cambridge Audio MINX MIN22: Powerful compact designer speakers

Cambridge Audio connoisseurs of proper sound need no introduction – many have seen and heard succinctly designed Hi-Fi components that regularly win prestigious awards around the world. But this time we will not talk about amplifiers or sources, but about equipment that, in the minds of audiophiles, is not yet connected with the famous British brand. Until now, the choice has been limited to good-sounding but oversized speakers, or stylish mini-speakers that look great but don’t tug at the heartstrings when they start playing.

That’s why at Cambridge Audio we put as much effort into developing kitchen music systems or accessories to enhance digital music playback from your computer as we do when creating our award-winning hi-fi products. With Minx, for the first time, you’ll experience impressive power and sound from amazingly compact speakers. Minx will present your music, movies and TV programs in new ways you never imagined!


The Minx’s exceptional capabilities are the result of clever acoustic engineering, giving these speakers incredible quality and depth of sound previously only found in bulkier speakers. Created by a professional team of engineers at Cambridge Audio’s London development center, inspired by the idea of ​​uncompromising sound, the Minx series has completely redefined what is possible in miniature loudspeakers…

Constructed from acoustically damped thermopolymer and extruded aluminum, the Minx is well-crafted and effortlessly fits into any room. Their sleek shapes and wide range of accessories make Minx a true design gem. Minx connects to any AV receiver or surround processor and is capable of filling your home with sound so amazing you’ll only be able to believe it when you hear Minx in person. It doesn’t matter if you watch movies, listen to music or enjoy sports programs – in any case, Minx can add vivid impressions to you!


Whether you want to get the most out of your home theater system, or enjoy pure stereo sound from virtually invisible speakers, the tiny Minx mini systems give you everything you need in one speaker package.

Any of the Minx models can be shelf-mounted or wall-mounted right out of the box. Since every interior is a reflection of the individuality of its creator, we offer a line of stylish accessories that ensure installation in any room.


Cambridge Audio MINX is the name of the family of speaker systems, the presentation of which took place recently in London, where, in fact, the Cambridge Audio engineering center is located. The range of new acoustics includes several satellites and subwoofers, from which you can create a full-fledged multi-channel system or a 2.1 stereo set. Before moving on to describing the technical details, let’s talk a little about the name.

According to Cambridge Audio press officer Adam Shaw-Cotterill, the word “Minx” simultaneously hints at both the miniature size of the satellites and the extraordinary power of the subwoofers working in tandem with them. The interpretation is beautiful, but in English “Minx” also has a direct meaning – this is the name given to ladies who are not overly strict in their interactions with men. And it may very well be that it was precisely this carefree attitude towards life that became the starting point for the developers in creating these light, miniature and very cute speakers.

The Min 22, like their predecessors, are dual, as if stacked on top of each other, junior speakers in the series. Moreover, these older satellites are slightly larger in size than a Coca-Cola can. It’s also very good that the speakers are sold individually. First, by placing one Minx Min 22 horizontally, you can essentially create a center channel speaker. And secondly, this series is also designed to provide sound for large rooms, the optimal number of speakers for which may be odd, and therefore there is no need to overpay for extra units of speaker systems.

The Minx Min 22 speakers use a compact magnetic system made from neodymium. The extremely durable speaker cabinet is made of acoustically damped thermopolymer, and the base for the BMR speaker is made of extruded aluminum. The external finish of the case can be made in white or black varnish. Moreover, the coating is very practical and easy to clean.


In general, the Minx series combines something that was previously difficult to imagine: high-quality and powerful sound in a compact, one might even say toy-sized, body. It was especially difficult to imagine a miniature speaker that would be wideband and still provide good performance. Cambridge Audio engineers managed to find a solution in the driver design, built using BMR technology. The latter stands for Balanced Mode Radiator.

The essence of the technology is that such an emitter, which is a multilayer honeycomb membrane, is capable of simultaneously operating in two modes. Thus, the patented “bending wave” principle, characteristic of flat panel emitters, in combination with the traditional piston operating mode, makes it possible to obtain sound waves in a very wide frequency range.


This decision also had a positive effect on the dispersion of sound waves. An interesting feature of the Balanced Mode Radiator is that the sound pressure decreases extremely slowly with distance. Much slower than traditionally designed speakers. Thus, the comfortable listening zone of a system built on the basis of Minx speakers is significantly expanded, and the sound seems more voluminous!

Characteristics Cambridge Audio Minx 22 

Frequency range 130 – 20,000 Hz
Recommended amplifier power 15-75 W
Speakers 2 x 2.25″, BMR technology
Dimensions (H x W x D) 154 x 78 x 85 mm
Weight 0.75 kg

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