Cambridge Audio TVB2 v2
Cambridge Audio TVB2 v2
Cambridge Audio TVB2 v2

Cambridge Audio TVB2 v2: Impressive easy-to-use soundbar with high build quality

The new Cambridge Audio TVB2 soundbar, according to the manufacturer, has gone through a long development process. The company’s specialists spent hundreds of hours over many months to check and refine the sound, making it so that the result was impressive. An easy-to-use soundbar with high build quality and balanced sound will fit into any interior.

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Modern TVs are getting thinner and thinner, so it’s no surprise that there’s no more room to install good quality speakers, which require a fairly large cabinet. The result is a flat and lifeless sound. The Cambridge TVB2 soundbar should provide confident, realistic sound with clear-sounding dialogue. The design is such that TVB2 can be easily placed either in front of the TV or on the wall.

Despite its modest size, the TVB2 delivers rich, room-filling sound. For this purpose, two proprietary BMR 4th generation speakers are used, which are also used in AeroMax speaker systems. The D-mode amplifier with an output power of up to 120 W is ideally combined with BMR speakers. To ensure “rich” bass, a separate subwoofer with a speaker 10 cm in diameter is used.

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It should be noted that TVB2 is easy to use. The set includes a learning remote control; an “auto shutdown” mode is provided for energy saving. There are three HDMI inputs, all three supporting 4K video transmission and an audio return channel. Many home theater devices can be connected with just one cable.

Bluetooth 4.0 support makes it easy to connect smartphones, tablets and computers to the soundbar. The entire process is easily achieved using NFC technology. In addition, there are several digital and analogue inputs for wired connections. The soundbar has four equalizer modes (TV, Music, Movie and Dialogue), which allows you to adjust the sound to your taste.

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There are four adjustable EQ modes, all selectable from the remote control. They can be used to tailor your sound to suit the style of music you love most.

If your TV doesn’t support HDMI ARC, the TVB2 also has an optical digital input and an AUX input in analog, so literally any TV or source can be connected.

Specifications Cambridge Audio TVB2 

2 x 57 mm BMR speakers, 1 x 165 mm
woofer 4 equalizer modes: TV, Music, Film, Vocals
120 W class D amplifier
Inputs: 3 HDMI, 1 optical, 1 Aux (3.5 mm )
Outputs: 1 HDMI with ARC support Bluetooth with NFC support
Wall bracket included
Built-in power supplies
Soundbar dimensions: 880 x 74.5 x 46 mm
Subwoofer dimensions: 180 x 364 x 278 mm
Weight (soundbar / subwoofer): 1.63 / 4.9 kg