Dali Callisto 2 C: Tailored for the modern audiophile

Dali Callisto 2 C
Dali Callisto 2 C

The Dali Callisto 2 C speaker system meets all the expectations of the modern audiophile: while retaining the advantages of the traditional Hi-Fi class, these speakers are distinguished by their ease of installation and are capable of producing excellent sound in any conditions. Dali Callisto speakers connect to the Dali Sound Hub via a wireless connection (24 bit / 96 kHz), and a variety of standard inputs (Bluetooth, 2 optical, 2 analog, USB and coaxial) allows you to connect them into one network with almost any current audio device.

What is especially important is that each new link in the chain will be detected automatically, and control of the system using the included Bluetooth remote control guarantees the stability of the connection even if the Dali Sound Hub is hidden from prying eyes.

Millions of available tracks, cloud storage, the ability to control sound via a smartphone and powerful compact-class speaker systems – we have gotten used to the fact that listening to music has become an order of magnitude more convenient than, say, five years ago. Connoisseurs of Hi-Fi technology increasingly prefer ready-made solutions, and for novice audiophiles, the need to lay cables and build a complex system from scratch causes nothing but despondency. The ideal option for the average consumer is a system that will not only satisfy his need for good sound, but will also be as comfortable to use as possible.


Every part of the Dali Callisto 2 C speaker system is designed, developed and assembled by Dali specialists. Our own production allows us to exercise the strictest quality control and implement our ideas as accurately as possible: by creating woofers and tweeters together with the amplifier, we get perfectly working systems, and the ability to control the entire signal path helps us develop drivers that could not previously be found in traditional passive speakers.

By combining the strengths of the amplifier and the obvious advantages of the drivers, we have developed a system in which the final product is an order of magnitude better than the sum of all its individual parts. Thus, the Dali Callisto 2 C speakers are based on 165 mm wood fiber subwoofers with an advanced SMC magnetic system and a hybrid tweeter consisting of a 29 mm ultra-light soft dome and high-efficiency ribbon tweeters.

The drivers are directly powered by a 300 W two-channel Class D amplifier – this power reserve is enough for even the most enthusiastic listener! The sum of these advantages provides transparent, detailed, consistent and timely sound, and the affordable price allows us to characterize Dali Callisto as a perfectly balanced solution.

DALI Callisto 2 C speaker systems are made using the latest wireless technologies and classic Hi-Fi solutions from this company. The speakers have well-chosen proportions for convenient placement in a residential interior and are of very high quality. The speaker cabinets are equipped with deep internal damping to dampen any parasitic vibrations and resonances. Thanks to the neatly designed front panel, the DALI Callisto 2 C looks great with or without the protective grille.


Like the older model in the series, the DALI Callisto 2 C speaker is equipped with a combined HF unit. It consists of a tweeter with a fabric dome and a ribbon tweeter, due to which it was possible to significantly expand the frequency range, as well as obtain the most transparent and undistorted sound of music. The woofer in the DALI Callisto 2 C speakers has a recognizable design and is equipped with a diffuser made of pressed wood pulp. It features a Soft Magneic Compound (SMC) magnet to enhance driver sensitivity and produce focused, powerful bass.

The speakers are connected to separate Class D amplifiers, and a DSP operating with 24-bit precision is used as a crossover in the speakers. The amplifiers in the speakers are custom-made by DALI, and the built-in power supply is completely designed and assembled at the company’s factory.

To wirelessly supply a signal to the speakers, the system uses a proprietary hub, and transmission occurs with parameters of 24 bit / 96 kHz. Combined with the high-quality speaker components and advanced technologies used in the DALI Callisto 2 C, this ensures vibrant and balanced sound.


To adjust the volume of the speakers, there is a touch sensor on the top panel, complemented by a convenient LED indication. Of course, you can adjust the signal level using the handle located on the hub, as well as through the Bluetooth application. In addition to the wireless connection, the speakers also provide a regular input for an external preamplifier (the volume control function in the DALI Callisto 2 C is disabled when using it).

Dali announced its partnership with the Lenbrook holding (developer of the BluOS multiroom system) at the same time it announced the Callisto acoustics, but kept secret which models would get BluOS-based multiroom. Lenbrook CEO Gordon Simmonds is proud that Dali has become part of the BluOS ecosystem: “This means that convenient, modern access to high-resolution audio is really important.” Dali itself failed to develop its own system for playing music over the network in good quality, and at that moment the BluOS platform came to the company’s aid. This is how Dali entered the multiroom market.

Characteristics of Dali Callisto 2 C

Configuration: 3 emitters, 2 bands 
Acoustic design: bass reflex 
Input: RCA 
Input sensitivity: 1.7 V (impedance 5 kOhm) 
Wireless protocol: 2.4/5.8 GHz (24 bit/96 kHz) 
Range reproduced frequencies: 47 – 30000 Hz (+/-3 dB) 
Active band division frequency: 2700 Hz 
Built-in amplifier power: 250 W 
Maximum sound pressure level: 108 dB 
Standby/maximum power consumption: 1.2/325 W 
Dimensions: 200 x 393 x 321 mm 
Weight 1 piece: 10.1 kg 

Characteristics Dali Callisto Sound HUB

Inputs: stereo pair RCA, 3.5 mm jack, 2 TOSLink, Coax, two compartments for plug-in modules 
Input sensitivity RCA/jack : 2.3/1.2 V (resistance 10 kOhm) 
Outputs: stereo pair RCA, SUB, USB Type A (as a charger 5 V/1 A) 
Output voltage RCA/SUB: 1.9/0.9 V ( impedance 10 kOhm) 
Wireless protocols: Bluetooth 4.2 AAC/aptX/aptX HD, 2.4/5.8 GHz (24 bit/96 kHz) 
Standby/max power consumption: 2.5/4.5 W 
Finish: black 
Dimensions: 300 x 76 x 213 mm 
Weight of 1 piece: 1.6 kg

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