DALI EPICON 6: High-end speakers boasting world-class performance

EPICON 6 is a compact yet high-end floor speaker that boasts world-class technology and performance. It effortlessly handles all genres of music with superior style, and its exclusive design enhances its visual appeal in any modern residential setting.

DALI’s patented Linear Drive SMC magnet system, along with its state-of-the-art quality down to the smallest detail, allows the EPICON 6 to deliver an exceptionally clean, dynamic, and distortion-free music reproduction that was previously unattainable in this price range.

In DALI’s terminology, the EPICON 6 is a 2,5,5-way construction, with separate divisions for bass/midrange and lower/upper treble. The two 6.5″ bass/midrange elements provide tight and precise performance, easily filling even large living rooms. Additionally, the exclusive dome/band tweeter module ensures a well-resolved sound image, even when not positioned directly in the center of the speakers.

Compared to other high-end options, the EPICON 6 is remarkably decor-friendly. Its compact size and excellent acoustic connection to the room allow for placement closer to the rear walls without compromising the balance of the sound image.

DALI’s EPICON series represents the culmination of 30 years of intensive development work, resulting in a new benchmark for reference speakers. The EPICON series introduces the groundbreaking Linear Drive SMC magnet system, a unique and patented technology that minimizes distortion from dynamic speaker elements. With the EPICON 6, you can experience a level of natural music reproduction that was previously unimaginable.


The EPICON speaker is a top-tier product that stands out for its exceptional performance without any hint of imitation. Despite its unassuming appearance, the EPICON delivers on its promise to faithfully reproduce every detail of the music signal without any coloration or distortion. It strikes a perfect balance between precision and musicality, avoiding the overly analytical sound that plagues many studio monitors.

Unlike traditional speakers that confine the sound to two channels, the EPICON creates a dynamic and immersive listening experience where the music comes to life and fills the room with rich, natural bass. It allows you to explore the intricate nuances of your favorite music, revealing hidden details that will make you appreciate your music collection in a whole new light. The EPICON excels at faithfully reproducing the original recording, maintaining a pristine “black” background that is a hallmark of high-end audio systems.

One of the key innovations of the EPICON is DALI’s groundbreaking Linear Drive Magnet System, which features a redesigned magnetic motor and the use of SMC (Soft Magnetic Compounds) material. SMC, made from pressed iron powder, boasts extremely low electrical conductivity, preventing distortion caused by eddy currents in the coil’s core. This results in linear magnetic properties across the frequency spectrum, eliminating a wide range of distortion artifacts commonly found in traditional speaker systems. Additionally, SMC’s malleability allows for precise shaping, ensuring optimal performance in the EPICON speaker.

In addition to minimal distortion, Linear Drive technology also contributes to creating a smoother impedance curve for the speaker elements, making them more compatible with amplifiers. This results in improved crossover performance and greater flexibility in amplifier selection. While a high-quality amplifier is recommended for optimal performance with the EPICON, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a powerhouse.


The aerodynamic design of the cast aluminum chassis in the EPICON elements allows for extensive diaphragm movement without air compression. The unique wood fiber and paper blend ensures a rigid yet easily movable membrane with minimal resonance issues. The CNC-milled cutouts in the front baffle optimize assembly, promoting better airflow behind the elements.

The low-loss principle of DALI, characterized by unrestricted air movement and flexible edge suspensions, ensures exceptional detail and response across all volume levels and music genres. EPICON speakers deliver effortless music playback without requiring a “break-in” period, offering a clear three-dimensional sound image even with soft background music.

The EPICON hybrid treble module, featured in EPICON 6, EPICON 8, and EPICON VOKAL, now includes a ventilated pole piece, spacious rear chamber, and advanced damping to eliminate any remaining compression and distortion. By combining dome and ribbon principles, the hybrid tweeter delivers high power handling, wide horizontal dispersion, and smooth, airy treble reproduction comparable to top electrostatic designs.

DALI has perfected the interaction between the dome and the band, ensuring that the system is set up correctly to meet high demands. The EPICON dome is crafted with precision, boasting top-notch quality and correct geometry that allows for a smooth transition upwards where the band tweeter handles the highest frequencies, adding the final touch to the sound image.


A top-tier loudspeaker like EPICON must deliver exceptional performance. Available in black high-gloss piano lacquer, exclusive black or white matt satin lacquer, high-gloss lacquered walnut, or a rosewood-like high-gloss finish (Ruby Macassar), each speaker pair is meticulously matched for a seamless look. The stunning high-gloss finish is achieved through 10 layers of lacquer, providing a deep and even shine while contributing to the cabinet’s rigidity and durability with a total thickness of 2 mm.

Within the EPICON cabinet, advanced solutions enhance both design and sound quality. The front baffle, sides, and top are molded using a special heat-lamination process, increasing stiffness and reducing cabinet resonances. By avoiding parallel surfaces, standing waves are minimized. The curved sides are constructed from six layers of glued MDF boards anchored to the cabinet’s 53 mm thick spine, ensuring structural integrity.

The EPICON cabinet in the floor models is designed with two separate chambers, allowing each bass element to have its own dedicated space. This unique configuration enables precise fine-tuning of the two 6.5″ elements without any interference. To accommodate this design, there are two bass reflex ports on the back, one for each chamber.

DALI prioritizes optimal airflow by strategically placing damping material and stiffeners where they are most effective. This approach ensures that both dynamics and low-loss qualities have maximum freedom. While other manufacturers may have different perspectives on cabinet damping, DALI’s proven track record demonstrates the practicality and effectiveness of their approach, which complements their commitment to low-loss principles.


In the floor models, the crossover is housed in a separate chamber at the bottom of the cabinet to prevent mechanical impact and distortion on the components. On the back, DALI has incorporated high-quality screw terminals that surpass industry standards, allowing for the use of various cable plugs and ensuring optimal contact throughout the speaker’s lifespan.


  • Extremely neutral, precise and well-resolved sound image at all volumes
  • Placement-friendly targets
  • Very good dynamics in relation to the size
  • Can be placed relatively close to the back wall
  • Not as power-hungry as some of the alternatives
  • Exclusive design in lacquer or real wood


  • Some larger options can give you even more punch in the bass in large rooms
  • Requires high-quality equipment to bring out its full potential

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