Dali Epicon 8: Uncompromising high-end floorstanding speakers

The EPICON 8 stands as the pinnacle of the EPICON series, delivering an exceptional auditory experience capable of enveloping even the most spacious rooms with its high-end sound. Paired with suitable equipment, it offers unparalleled clarity, profound bass, and expansive sound, bringing a tangible, immersive music experience far beyond what the EPICON 6 offers.

This speaker transcends genres, delivering optimal performance across all music types with its striking design in either lacquer or polished wood, ensuring it not only sounds exceptional but also enhances modern living spaces aesthetically.

Surprisingly, despite its premium quality, the EPICON 8 remains accessible, reflecting DALI’s achievement in balancing extraordinary quality with affordability.

EPICON 8 employs a sophisticated 3.5-way design, enhancing its bass with dual 8″ drivers and a dedicated 6.5″ midrange driver, all powered by DALI’s innovative SMC Linear Drive Magnet System to minimize distortion. Its unique dome/ribbon tweeter ensures a crisp sound image from any listening position, and its design allows for closer placement to walls without sacrificing sound quality, provided the room is sufficiently large.

Available in various finishes including black piano lacquer, matte black or white, glossy walnut, and Ruby Macassar, the EPICON 8 not only sounds extraordinary but also offers a visually stunning addition to any space.

The EPICON series represents 30 years of DALI’s development, featuring the patented Linear Drive SMC magnet system for low distortion and a natural sound reproduction, marking a significant innovation in speaker design.

Without compromising on high-end performance, EPICON speakers deliver detailed, distortion-free music, creating a spacious, lively musical experience that redefines favorite tracks, supported by DALI’s commitment to low-loss principles for sound that’s both detailed and effortless.

The EPICON’s SMC technology, combined with thoughtful design elements like aluminum rings and optimized coil geometry, provides a clear advantage in sound clarity, especially in the mid and bass ranges.

Moreover, DALI’s meticulous design extends to the speaker chassis and the air movement optimization, ensuring a responsive and vibrant sound at any volume. The hybrid treble module combines dome and ribbon tweeters for a wide, smooth treble that rivals electrostatic speakers.

The EPICON’s finishes, whether in real wood or lacquer, underscore its world-class status, benefiting both aesthetics and acoustic stiffness. The cabinet design minimizes resonance and enhances sound quality through advanced construction techniques, ensuring that each speaker delivers its full sonic potential.


  • Extremely neutral, precise and well-resolved sound image at all volumes
  • Superior deep bass and dynamics, even in large living rooms
  • Can be placed relatively close to the back wall
  • Not as power-hungry as some alternatives
  • Exclusive finish in lacquer or real wood


  • Takes up alot of space
  • Requires high-quality equipment to bring out its full potential