DALI Fazon Mikro: True Hi-Fi sound in a very small package

True Hi-Fi sound can truly be achieved from compact and elegant speakers. Featuring a sleek lacquered aluminum frame, composite front panel and tight-fitting grille, the ultra-compact FAZON MIKRO speakers fit perfectly into any living room or bedroom.

The DALI Fazon Mikro speaker systems feature a speaker with a proprietary DALI cone made of paper reinforced with wood fibers and a soft dome tweeter. The 4-inch woofer delivers precise, detailed and dynamic sound from music or movie soundtracks, while the exceptionally rugged cabinet design allows for near-silencing of acoustic and mechanical resonances. The ultra-lightweight 28mm soft dome FAZON MICRO tweeter delivers rich mids and high frequencies well beyond the audible range.


The ultra-compact closed aluminum body with smooth lines gives the impression of a stylish “thing in itself”. Its rounded shape resembles a cylinder cut along the longitudinal axis. This rigid cabinet minimizes any mechanical and acoustic resonances. The front part has elegant decorative inserts. The front panel of the acoustics has a composite coating that enhances its rigidity. The grill covers not only the façade, but also the top of the column and fits perfectly into the overall style concept.

The DALI Fazon Mikro acoustics have a classic 4-inch mid/bass driver, the conical diffuser of which is made of paper reinforced with wood fibers. This material has long been the hallmark of DALI speakers. This speaker provides accurate, detailed and dynamic sound. To sound the high-frequency region of the frequency response, a very light 20 mm tweeter with a fabric dome membrane is used, which allows you to reach the upper limit of the frequency range of 25,000 Hz.


DALI Fazon Mikro will perform perfectly in small rooms as part of a 5.1-channel cinema system, reinforced by the proprietary Fazon Sub 1 subwoofer. It can be used as front, side or rear speakers. This miniature baby does not disappoint in a stereo system either, demonstrating accurate panoramic sound. In the back of the Fazon Mikro case there is a small recess in which there is a pair of neat spring terminals that provide quick and reliable connection of the speaker cable.

The kit includes a special bracket that allows you to mount the speakers on the wall. According to the company, wall mounting enhances the low-frequency component. Fazon Mikro speakers mounted in this way will decorate the interior of any room and make it more comfortable, sophisticated and modern. Can be installed on optional racks. The set includes rubber feet, which are useful when placing the model on a table or shelf.


As a center speaker in a 5.1-channel theater, as part of a stereo pair, or as surround back speakers for theaters based on other models in the FAZON series, the new FAZON MIKRO speaker is sure to amaze and enchant you with its sound – whether you are listening to music or watching movie. FAZON MIKRO is true Hi-Fi in a very small package.

Characteristics of DALI Fazon Mikro 

Number of speakers 2
Housing type closed box
Housing material aluminum
Tweeter type lightweight 20 mm tweeter with a soft fabric dome membrane
Diameter and type of midrange/bass driver 4-inch midrange/bass driver with a diffuser made of wood fiber-reinforced paper
Frequency range 95 – 25000 Hz
Nominal impedance 6 Ohms
Sensitivity 84 dB (2.83 V/1 meter)
Maximum sound pressure 101 dB
Crossover frequency 2560 Hz
Recommended amplifier power 30-120 W per channel
Input connectors 2 spring terminals
Dimensions (WxHxD) 113x196x96 mm
Weight 1.5 kg (one column)

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