Dali presents Rubikore product line at High End Munich

The Danish speaker manufacturer Dali today presented a new product line of speakers called Rubikore at the High End audio fair in Munich. The series consists of five models, namely two floorstanders,...


The Danish speaker manufacturer Dali today presented a new product line of speakers called Rubikore at the High End audio fair in Munich. The series consists of five models, namely two floorstanders, a monitor speaker, a wall hanger and a center model, a pair of which could also serve as a left and right speaker. Delivery is expected to start in early June 2024.

Denmark-based speaker builder Dali today announced the launch of the Rubikore series. This series includes five models, i.e. two floor standing speakers called Rubikore 8 and Rubikore 6, a monitor model called Rubikore 2, the wall hanging model Rubikore On-Wall and the Rubikore Cinema which can be used as a center speaker or as a left/right speaker.

The new series uses ground-breaking technologies such as Clarity Cone technology, SMC drivers, SMC-Kore coils, hybrid tweeter modules with an innovative Low-Loss-Dome tweeter and Continuous-Flare bass reflex ports. This combination of advanced technologies and decades of experience ensures that the Rubikore series offers outstanding performance and superior sound quality for both two-channel hi-fi systems and multi-channel home theaters.

Available in finishes such as high-gloss black, high-gloss maroon, natural walnut and high-gloss white, the Dali Rubikore speakers are not only pleasing to the eye but also provide an immersive listening experience, according to Dali’s press release.

The Rubikore series is a leap forward, inspired by the groundbreaking Dali Kore technologies. The series is characterized by the innovative Clarity Cone technology in the bass/midrange drivers. These membranes provide natural clarity in the midtone range without any artificial coloration. Combined with Dali’s SMC drive systems, these drivers offer minimal distortion and optimal performance efficiency. The Rubikore 8 and 6 models take audio purity to another level with SMC Kore cores in their crossovers, which significantly reduce signal loss. Each model in the series is also equipped with top quality capacitors from Germany’s Mundorf.

The Rubikore 2, 6 and 8 housings feature Continuous Flare Reflex Ports, designed to maximize efficiency and minimize turbulence and noise. Inspired by the Dali Kore Evo-K Hybrid tweeter, the series also introduces a new Low-Loss Dome tweeter that works without ferrofluid, for unprecedented clarity in the high-frequency range.

Exceptional acoustic performance

Dali’s Rubikore series introduces a new standard in speaker performance, with a range of innovations inspired by advanced Dali Kore technologies. These include the paper and wood fiber Clarity Cone technology SMC bass/midrange drivers, designed to deliver a truly musical experience. The synergy between the DALI Hybrid tweeter and the bass/midrange drivers results in richness of detail and clarity in the high frequencies. As a result, the Rubikore series excels with a relaxed, wide-spreading sound that is both low-loss and optimized for amplifiers.

Danish design, handmade by Dali

The Rubikore series speakers are an example of the rich Danish tradition in fine carpentry and furniture making. They combine aesthetic beauty with practical functionality; Their carefully crafted and robustly reinforced housings provide an extremely stable base for the drivers, where elegance and performance come together.

Each speaker in the Rubikore series is hand crafted and assembled by Dali in Denmark, highlighting the company’s decades of craftsmanship and commitment to in-house design and manufacturing. With a strong focus on local components and expertise, each Rubikore speaker reinforces pride in their Danish provenance and design

Dali Rubikore 8 And Rubikore 6: floor standing speakers:


The new Rubikore 8 and Rubikore 6 are floor standing speakers that use advanced technologies inspired by the Dali Kore series. The Rubikore 8 features three new 6.5-inch SMC double-magnet drivers with paper and wood fiber Clarity Cone, while the Rubikore 6 uses two of these innovative drivers. These Clarity Cone diaphragms deliver natural clarity in the midrange without any coloration.  Thanks to the Dali SMC drives, distortion and losses are minimized.


Both models use SMC Kore cores in their crossover circuits to significantly reduce signal loss. They are also equipped with Continuous-Flare reflex ports that maximize efficiency while minimizing turbulence and noise. The series includes the new Low-Loss-Dome tweeter, inspired by the Evo-K hybrid tweeter from the Dali Kore, which works without ferrofluid for ultimate high-frequency resolution.

The Rubikore 8 offers a relaxing, wide-dispersion sound that is ideal for large rooms, while the Rubikore 6 fits perfectly in medium to large rooms, with a compact design that offers great setup flexibility for both stereo and home theater systems.

Dali Rubikore 2: bookshelf speaker

The Rubikore 2 is a compact bookshelf speaker that brings the advanced technology and performance of the Dali Kore series into a smaller size. Specially designed to deliver high-end sound quality in smaller spaces, the Rubikore 2 features a new 6.5-inch SMC double-magnet driver with paper and wood fiber Clarity Cone and a low-loss, lightweight Dome tweeter developed by Dali. This combination delivers exceptional sound quality that is wide-dispersion and low-loss, ideal for even the smallest rooms.

Dali Rubikore On-Wall: wall-hanging speaker

The Rubikore On-Wall represents Dali’s principles of low loss and wide dispersion in an elegant, wall-mounted design with unprecedented versatility. Ideal for both traditional stereo and home theater setups, this speaker excels at providing background noise as well as immersing listeners in their favorite music or movies. Equipped with a 6.5-inch SMC double-magnet driver with paper and wood fiber Clarity Cone and a rotatable Dali Hybrid tweeter, the Rubikore On-Wall delivers remarkably low-loss, amplifier-optimal and wide-dispersion sound for a wide range of applications, including stereo , center and surround channels.

The Rubikore On-Wall’s innovative rotatable tweeter module combines a 29-millimeter lightweight Soft-Dome tweeter with a 17 x 45-millimeter planar tweeter for remarkable reproduction of high-frequency details. The Dome tweeter’s light and agile voice coil and diaphragm deliver exceptional clarity, even at low frequencies. At the same time, the planar tweeter excels at capturing fine details and providing a wide dispersion of high frequencies. The rotatable tweeter blend allows flexible placement for stereo, center, or surround channel applications.

Dali Rubikore Cinema: LCR home theater speakers:

The Rubikore Cinema represents the pinnacle of Dali’s home theater speakers. This versatile LCR solution delivers high-quality sound performance for the left, center and right channels in home theater systems. Designed with both a compact bookshelf and floorstanding housing and equipped with a rotating Dali Hybrid tweeter, the Rubikore Cinema can be installed both horizontally and vertically. This provides the flexibility to use the same speaker for both front and center applications, creating a seamless and immersive home theater experience.

The Rubikore Cinema uses Clarity-Cone technology for natural clarity in the mid frequencies without coloration and dual DALI SMC motor systems to minimize distortions and losses. Like the other models in the Rubikore series, it contains high-quality capacitors from Mundorf that help to reduce losses even further.

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