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Dali Rubikore 2: Advanced and exclusive compact speaker

The RUBIKORE 2, part of the RUBIKORE series, offers exceptional musical qualities in a sleek and compact design with a premium finish. Experience the precision and clarity of sound that is characteristic of well-designed two-way speakers. While it may not have the same raw power as its floor model counterparts, it provides an opportunity for truly remarkable music experiences.

Unlike its larger siblings, the RUBIKORE 2 features a single tweeter, the same sophisticated 29 mm soft dome found in the other models. This design choice allows for a more cost-effective solution without compromising on performance. The unit and tuning are of such high quality that you can still enjoy a wide, spacious, and detailed stereo perspective.

Impressively, the RUBIKORE 2 accommodates the same exclusive 6.5″ SMC Clarity Cone bass/midrange unit found in the floor models. Despite its compact size, it delivers deep and dynamic bass, seamlessly integrated with the treble, ensuring no detail is missed in your music. The main difference between the RUBIKORE 2 and the floor models lies in the physical experience and the ability to handle larger listening rooms.


DALI has put in significant effort and focus into incorporating the premium qualities of their costly KORE and EPIKORE high-end models into the more budget-friendly RUBIKORE series. Fans of DALI will immediately notice the familiar cabinet design inspired by the popular RUBICON models, but RUBIKORE introduces numerous innovations that elevate it to a whole new level of performance.

Linear Drive and SMC – a unique magnet system

The bass/midrange drivers in RUBIKORE utilize a simplified version of DALI’s innovative “Linear Drive” magnet system, originally developed for EPICON and further enhanced in KORE and EPIKORE. This system incorporates a unique magnet motor design and the groundbreaking SMC magnet material (Soft Magnetic Composite).

SMC, made from pressed iron powder, boasts exceptional electrical conductivity (10,000 times less than iron), preventing distortion caused by eddy currents in the coil’s core. With linear magnetic properties across the frequency spectrum, SMC eliminates a wide range of distortion products common in traditional magnetic systems. Its malleability allows for precise shaping.

In RUBIKORE, DALI has encased the SMC pole piece in a slotted, precisely calibrated copper sheath, surrounded by a powerful double ferrite magnet system. This simple yet ingenious design rivals the linearity of the costly EPICON version. The clear reproduction of voices and instruments from RUBIKORE highlights the distortion present in other bass/midrange constructions.


SMC not only reduces distortion but also contributes to a more consistent and amplifier-friendly impedance curve in the speaker units. This results in a more ideal crossover performance and allows for greater flexibility in amplifier selection. While a high-quality amplifier is recommended for optimal performance, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a powerhouse.

Clarity Cone – superb sound at any volume

In addition to the relatively simpler magnet system, the RUBIKORE bass/midrange units utilize similar technologies found in DALI’s more expensive high-end series. The aerodynamically designed cast aluminum chassis allows for extensive diaphragm movements without any air compression. Simultaneously, the unique blend of wood fibers and paper creates a rigid yet easily movable membrane, effectively eliminating any resonance issues.

The bass/midrange units feature “Clarity Cone” diaphragms, which are constructed using a novel combination of paper and wood fibers, similar to the EPIKORE series. The relief-like pattern on the diaphragms enhances the linearity and neatness of the sound in the high frequencies, seamlessly blending with the treble. This enhances the synergy between the midrange and treble, resulting in improved clarity, hence the name. Furthermore, it reduces standing resonance, minimizing distortion on the membrane itself. Remarkably, all these advancements are achieved without adding any extra weight.

These new diaphragms represent a significant yet subtle advancement in DALI’s Low-Loss principle, which is consistently applied across all their loudspeakers. The robust bass units effortlessly reproduce even the most dynamic musical fluctuations, pushing the limits of the amplifier. Simultaneously, they remain responsive to the faintest signals without altering their inherent character. Unlike many other speakers, a RUBIKORE speaker does not require a forceful kick to initiate action. The music flows effortlessly, creating a captivating three-dimensional sound image that fills the room, even when playing soft background music.


Two trebles in a perfect pair

The hybrid tweeter is a remarkable combination of the dome and planar magnetostat principles, offering a multitude of benefits. With its high load capacity, expansive horizontal dispersion, and a smooth, ethereal treble reproduction, it stands toe-to-toe with the finest electrostat constructions. Achieving this level of performance requires precise tuning of the system, a skill that DALI has honed over many years.

Drawing inspiration from the advanced EVO-K treble found in DALI KORE, the 29 mm RUBIKORE soft dome is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. Its impeccable geometry allows for a seamless transition to the band treble, effortlessly enhancing the highest frequencies and adding a final touch of airiness to the sound image.

The ultra-light coil operates within a robust ferrite magnet, meticulously engineered to control all movements with steel precision. Similar to KORE and EPIKORE, the unit’s construction is so precise and well-cooled that the need for magnetic oil in the coil gap has been eliminated, resulting in unrestricted movement and heightened efficiency. Additional design cues from the EVO-K treble can be observed in the cast aluminum front plate and the damped rear chamber, effectively eliminating resonances from the membrane’s rear.

Rigid and resonance-free cabinet with perfect timing

The RUBIKORE cabinet boasts exceptional durability with all surfaces crafted from MDF (Medium Density Fibre) and units securely fastened to the 25 mm thick front baffle. The finish is of superior quality, offering a choice between varnish and real wood veneer.

Internally, the floor models feature divided chambers to prevent pressure differences and minimize standing waves, allowing for individual tuning of units without interference. Each chamber includes a unique “Continuous Flare” reflex port for optimized airflow, linearity, and reduced resonances and noise, resulting in cleaner bass reproduction.


Strategic placement of damping material and bracing prioritizes free airflow, with reflex ports located directly behind each bass unit. DALI’s proven low-loss mindset is evident in their cabinet design, with the hard-wired dividing filter and high-quality Mundorf capacitors and SMC-KORE coils ensuring minimal signal path distortion.

The terminal screws are of premium quality, accommodating various cable connections and maintaining optimal contact over the speaker’s lifespan. With the exception of RUBIKORE ON-WALL, all models are equipped for bi-wiring/bi-amping.

Made in Denmark

The RUBIKORE series is meticulously crafted at DALI’s own factory in Denmark, where each unit is developed, manufactured, and assembled by hand. With over 40 years of experience, DALI is a Danish-owned company that stands out as one of the few loudspeaker manufacturers globally capable of producing their products entirely in-house, from start to finish.

The cutting-edge bass/midrange units are specifically created at DALI’s facility, playing a crucial role in delivering exceptional performance. The team takes immense pride in their work, ensuring strict quality control measures are in place to guarantee a flawless product for your home. Rest assured, the RUBIKORE series will provide you with outstanding sound quality for years to come.

Pros and Cons


  • Very compact dimensions for a serious hi-fi speaker
  • Extremely neutral, precise and well-resolved sound image at all volumes
  • Technologies inherited from the flagship DALI KORE
  • Not as power-hungry as some alternatives
  • Exclusive finish in lacquer or real wood veneer
  • Developed, designed and manufactured in Denmark
  • Floor stands are available separately


  • Natural limitations in the very deepest pool, and in large living rooms

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