DALI Spektor 1
DALI Spektor 1
DALI Spektor 1

DALI Spektor 1: Compact and precise bookshelf speakers

Good equipment cannot be cheap – this is quite obvious. But who said that it has to be expensive? DALI, a well-known Danish speaker manufacturer, has announced the release of a new budget line – Spektor. It will include four models: two shelf-mounted, one floor-standing and a central channel.

The Spektor series marks DALI’s entry into a new market segment. Creating high-quality audio systems at an unprecedentedly low price for this manufacturer required significant efforts from the company. All stages of the production chain were optimized, and the assembled prototypes were subjected to particularly lengthy and thorough audio tests – both technical and live listening.

All speaker systems in the line are equipped with proprietary DALI drivers of our own design. Wood fibers in the diffuser are not only a distinctive feature of DALI speakers, but also a well-proven technology. Fine-grain paper is actually reinforced with large cellulose fibers, making the membrane stiffer and more uneven – thus almost completely preventing unwanted surface resonances. The combination of such diffusers, a powerful magnetic system and suspensions with low mechanical losses allows the drivers to reliably reproduce the smallest details of the sound stage.

Each model in the Spektor line uses its own woofer, designed specifically for that cabinet. During the design, absolutely everything was taken into account: from the angle of inclination of the diffuser cone to the location of the dust caps. The result was a revolutionary line of Hi-Fi audio systems. Typically, equipment of similar quality costs completely different money or, at a comparable price, offers much more modest characteristics.

DALI Spektor 1 are bookshelf speaker systems that are the most compact in their series and are perfect for sounding small rooms. Despite their affordable price, the speakers are made using high-quality components and have a pleasant external finish that will allow them to easily fit into a residential interior. When creating this acoustics, DALI engineers tried to implement in it the same principles of approach to sound as in more expensive models, but while remaining within strict price limits, and they succeeded.


DALI Spektor 1 are made in a damped fiberboard case, covered with high-quality vinyl film to resemble natural wood (options are black ash or walnut). The front panel has a neat rounded edge that improves the appearance of the speakers and also eliminates unwanted diffraction (distortion) of sound waves. As a result, these small speakers can literally disappear into a sound stage that is very wide. DALI Spektor 1 is equipped with a bass reflex port on the rear panel, precisely matched to the bass driver. The DALI Spektor 1 speakers feature a proprietary tweeter with a lightweight fabric dome, operating in an extended frequency range and with minimal sound distortion. The tweeter is mounted on a round metal chassis, which acts as a small horn to improve its performance. In the immediate vicinity of the tweeter dome, special notches are made on the surface of the panel, which further align the radiation pattern to obtain a more natural sound picture.


The bass driver in DALI Spektor 1 has a diameter of 4.5 inches and is equipped with a diffuser made of pressed wood-paper pulp – a classic solution that has long been successfully used in the speakers of this company. The diffuser is mounted on an elastic suspension, ensuring its rapid movement with a large amplitude, and the powerful magnetic system of the speaker guarantees its high sensitivity. A precisely calculated crossover filter ensures the DALI Spektor 1 has a stable impedance for good matching with a wide range of amplifiers.

Characteristics of DALI Spektor 1

Acoustic design bass reflex on the rear panel
Frequency range 59 Hz – 26500 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
4.5-inch woofer, paper-wood pulp cone
21 mm tweeter, soft fabric dome, load sound guide
Impedance 6 Ohms
Sensitivity 83 dB
Filter crossover frequency 2100 Hz
Sound pressure 103 dB
Bass reflex tuning frequency 58 Hz
Recommended amplifier power 40 – 100 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 140 x 237 x 195 mm
Weight 2.6 kg
Recommended distance from walls 1 – 50 cm