Denon DHT-S218: Slim, intelligent and affordable soundbar

The Denon DHT-S218, a sleek and intelligent soundbar speaker, is designed by hi-fi specialist Denon to provide an enhanced audio experience compared to the underwhelming built-in speakers of your TV. With this soundbar, you can enjoy superior sound quality without the hassle of setting up amplifiers, speakers, and tangled cables in your living room. Moreover, you won’t need to make room for a separate subwoofer, but if you desire even richer and deeper bass, you have the option to connect an additional model using a cable.

The DHT-S218 has 6 built-in speakers, and when connected to your TV via a simple HDMI cable, the soundbar can receive a multi-channel Dolby Atmos audio signal and create a surround sound image with both depth and height. So in the future you can enjoy your TV sound, instead of being annoyed by it. You can also play wireless music directly from your phone via Bluetooth.

Easy to use, and adaptable

The DHT-S218 offers a premium finish and high-quality impression. With its sleek 6 cm height, it can seamlessly sit on your TV stand without obstructing the view or interfering with the remote control signals. If you prefer to mount it on the wall below your TV, it can be easily fixed using the integrated keyhole wall mounts. Compatible with all TV brands, its 89 cm width is a perfect fit for small and medium-sized models starting from 43 inches.

Thanks to the HDMI connection with eARC, operating the DHT-S218 is a breeze. It automatically powers on with your TV and allows you to control the volume using your existing TV remote control. This eliminates the need for multiple remotes, simplifying your daily usage. With everything running smoothly and automatically, you can fully immerse yourself in the exceptional sound experience.


  • Rich TV sound without a separate subwoofer
  • Fits well with small and medium-sized TVs from 43 inches and up
  • Elegant and ultra-slim design with a great finish
  • Good surround feeling without separate rear speakers
  • Automatic on/off
  • Volume can be controlled from your TV remote control
  • Very simple installation and operation
  • Bluetooth LE for wireless music directly from your smartphone/tablet
  • Full HDMI connection incl. 4K/eARC
  • Optional separate subwoofer can be connected via cable
  • Integrated keyhole wall mounts
  • Can be used with all TVs


  • Not built-in HEOS multiroom, Chromecast or AirPlay 2
  • No matching wireless subwoofer or wireless surround speakers
  • Not voice control
  • Certain options have more advanced connectivity options
  • A true home theater system with separate hi-fi speakers will still provide higher sound quality

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