Denon DHT-S316
Denon DHT-S316
Denon DHT-S316

Denon DHT-S316: Slim soundbar that delivers immersive surround sound

The Denon DHT-S316 soundbar enhances your TV’s acoustic capabilities and delivers stunning, immersive surround sound when watching movies and TV. Denon DHT-S316 is only 5 cm high and comes with a wireless subwoofer. This set delivers signature dynamic Denon sound and supports modern Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound formats, while built-in Bluetooth allows you to listen to your favorite music from your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

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The design of the Denon DHT-S316 soundbar provides for both the placement of acoustics on a shelf under the TV and wall mounting. Despite its compact size, inside the soundbar there are two midrange speakers and two tweeters, providing clear and emotional sound, and a powerful subwoofer adds energy and volume to the sound. A wireless subwoofer can be hidden hidden in any part of the room, not taking up space, but creating a deep and surround sound effect.

The Denon DHT-S316 soundbar delivers Dolby Digital, DTS and the latest Dolby Virtual Surround for immersive surround sound without the need for rear speakers. This was made possible with the help of advanced psychoacoustic sound processing algorithms. For users who would like to hear dialogue more clearly when watching TV programs or movies, there is a special setting called Denon Dialogue Enhancer, which makes voices clearer without having to increase the volume.

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ARC (Audio Return Channel) technology eliminates the need for additional analog or optical cables when connecting the soundbar to your TV. Connecting the speaker system to your TV requires just one HDMI cable, included in the box, making connecting the entire system quick and easy. Also, thanks to this technology, you only need one TV remote control to control the volume.

Built-in Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly connect your phone, tablet or laptop to the soundbar. This gives you access to your favorite music on your mobile devices, streaming services and Internet radio with the same signature Denon sound quality you get from watching TV.

Denon DHT-S316 Features:

The soundbar contains two tweeters and two midrange speakers for clear and dynamic sound.
The soundbar can be installed either under the TV or hung on the wall.
Supports Dolby Digital, DTS and the latest Dolby Virtual Surround technology for immersive surround sound without the need for rear speakers
Denon Dialogue Enhance improves dialogue audibility without increasing the volume
Easy and simple system connection via a single HDMI cable and control of the soundbar using the TV remote control
Full-size Remote control for adjusting sound and switching
Bluetooth input signals for playing music from mobile devices
Soundbar size: 900 x 55 x 82 mm
Subwoofer size: 170 x 312 x 340 mm
Soundbar weight: 1.8 kg
Subwoofer weight: 5.2 kg