Devialet ManiaDevialet Mania
Devialet Mania

Devialet Mania: A beautiful portable speaker

The French company Devialet has released the first in its history portable speaker system Mania .

It is built in accordance with the company’s philosophy of creating maximum sound pressure with a small volume. The column body has the shape of a sphere with a diameter of 170 mm , the system weighs 2.3 kg .


The acoustic part includes two woofers with polymer cones 100 mm in diameter and four broadband drivers with aluminum cones, magnetic systems in all radiators are made of neodymium. Bass speakers operate in a push-pull circuit, the developers have achieved maximum return using proprietary SAM technology . Each speaker in Devialet Mania has its own separate amplifier.


All radiators work in a column and work in combination with the Active Stereo Calibration (ASC) algorithm , which allows you to achieve a stereo effect anywhere in the room. The built-in 3200 mAh battery provides the model with autonomous work for 10 hours , while the column is not afraid of moisture due to IPX4 certification . In addition to Devialet’s proprietary multi-room ecosystem, the new product is also compatible with Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2 .



Portable speaker system Devialet Mania is available in several versions. The standard version is produced in black and white and sells for 790 euros , while the variant called Opéra de Paris has the same characteristics, but differs in the gold finish of some elements of the case. In addition, the charging base is sold separately and costs 80 euros .

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