Dynaudio set to unveil four new products at High-end Munich 2024

Dynaudio is showing four new products at High-end Munich 2024
Dynaudio is showing four new products at High-end Munich 2024

The Danish loudspeaker manufacturer is coming to High End Munich with four new products, i.e. a new branch of the Heritage Collection, a new active Confidence loudspeaker, a super-Contour and a product from the ‘Japandi’ collaboration. There is also immersive studio equipment and a unique car.

Dynaudio Heritage Collection is growing

First up is a new addition to the Heritage Collection. Contour Legacy is a beautiful two-way floorstanding speaker in the style of the very successful Heritage Special from 2020. Inspired by the original Contour speakers from the eighties and nineties, but completely up-to-date using the latest Dynaudio speaker know-how and acoustic technology.

For example, it uses the top-level 28 mm Esotar 3 soft-dome tweeter (including the resonance-reducing Hexis); two 18 cm woofers derived from the classic Evidence series (but further refined and improved to an incredibly high level); plus an elegant crossover filter constructed with only top-class components.

Contour Legacy is made entirely by hand in the Dynaudio factory in Skanderborg, Denmark. Finished in sustainably crafted American Walnut, with each piece of veneer carefully selected and paired for each set of speakers (when you see them you’ll know it’s time well spent). Production quantities are limited to 1,000 pairs worldwide, and each pair will be uniquely numbered.

Dynaudio Confidence becomes active

The new Confidence 20A is an active version of the Dynaudio Confidence 20 standmount speaker. All you have to do as a listener is plug in your preamp (or a source with volume control) and they’re ready to go.

The Confidence 20A has a discreet design, i.e. the amplifier is hidden in the base of the speaker and all operating elements are incorporated on the back of this base. It is a modern, simple, but above all elegant way to achieve the ultimate Dynaudio listening experience.

The amplification for the speakers is supplied by Pascal, the company that also makes the amplifiers for the Dynaudio Core professional speakers, creating a direct line to the original source in the recording studio.

And because the technology in the Confidence 20A’s comes from Dynaudio’s professional speakers, listeners can enjoy the purest digital signal path (something that is very important in high-end studios). It is possible to turn off sample-rate conversion to manipulate the signal as little as possible, or to turn it on for compatibility with digital sources.

The result: reference-level technology for audiophile ears that only want the best.

Dynaudio Contour 20

The Contour series has a long and impressive history, and now has a new addition to the family; the Contour 20 Black Edition, a super-premium version of the internationally acclaimed Contour 20.

The tweeter of the Contour 20 Black Edition has been upgraded: from the already exceptionally good Esotar 2i tweeter to an Esotar 3, which is also used in the Dynaudio Heritage Collection and the top Confidence series of speakers. The woofer has a greatly improved motor and spider, and the crossover has also undergone a complete metamorphosis. Everything from the resistors to the capacitors to the internal cabling and even the voice coil wires have been overhauled and greatly improved.

The Contour 20 Black Edition will be available in a super sleek, deep black high-gloss finish that combines perfectly with the black anodized baffle and the black powder-coated front plate of the tweeter and the basket of the mid/low unit.

Dynaudio The Bookshelf

This collaboration explores the aesthetic relationship Denmark has with Japan (you may know it as ‘Japandi’ design, derived from ‘Japan + Scandi’). Both countries have a tradition of soft minimalism, respect for honest materials and the importance of craftsmanship.

The casing is made of sustainable Japanese oak from the beautiful Hokkaido prefecture in the north of the country. The wood is first dried for between three and six months at Karimoku in the Nagoya area, before it is carefully sawn, assembled and further finished at the Karimoku factory in Gifu. The design has a high cuddly factor (just try to control the urge to run your fingers along the elegantly bevelled edges of the case). The accompanying (optional) stand is designed to fit seamlessly into a high-end minimalist interior.

At the top of The Bookshelf you will find Dynaudio’s best tweeter, the Esotar 3, and the mid/low unit is the same as that in the Confidence 20 standmount speaker from Dynaudio’s Confidence top series. Inside you will find a traditional, simple Dynaudio crossover filter. And of course everything has been tested and tuned at Dynaudio headquarters in Denmark using the high-tech Jupiter measuring room in Dynaudio Labs.

Although The Bookshelf is not a Limited Edition, it will remain rare and exclusive: Dynaudio and Karimoku expect to be able to produce only small quantities per year.

Availability and price

All four new models presented during the High-End Show in Munich are still in a pre-production phase and may therefore differ from the models that will appear on the market later in 2024. Information about prices will be announced in Munich.

Everything you should hear

Come visit the specially equipped Dynaudio Pro space in Munich. Then you can see (and hear) the new additions to the Core Professional Studio monitors – the Core 5 and Core Sub Compact – in a 7.1.4-channel Dolby ATMOS setup. Upon request, you can sit and listen to this fully immersive sound experience.

Immersive Audio is more important than ever in the professional world, where streaming services are publishing more and more immersive content – ​​both for multi-channel and stereo setups. However, studios are getting smaller and smaller. The Core 5 and Core Sub Compact have been specially developed for these specialized smaller spaces

King of the road

Hi-Fi is more than just listening rooms and easy chairs; a large part of listening to music takes place while you are on the road. That is why Dynaudio will show its Evidence Sound system in the Yangwang U8 Luxury off-roader. With its 22 speakers and advanced user interface, the emphasis is on authentic music reproduction and a sound that simply sounds good (i.e. very good). You can take a seat in this car and be immersed in music in the Dynaudio Automotive setup just outside Foyer 3 of the MOC.

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