Dynaudio Xeo 30
Dynaudio Xeo 30
Dynaudio Xeo 30

Dynaudio Xeo 30: Active 2.5-way speaker system

Dynaudio Xeo 30 is an active 2.5-way speaker system belonging to the next branch of the evolution of the Xeo-series, replacing the previous model Xeo 6. The metal flanges of the speakers have changed from gray to matte black, the edges of the body now boast smooth contours, and the control mini -the block with the IR sensor from the top panel migrated to the inside of the case.

The Dynaudio Xeo 30 is equipped with a 28mm Esotec soft dome tweeter and a pair of 140mm Esotec mid/bass drivers with MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) cones. Each speaker is “pumped” by a separate 65-watt digital amplifier, which is precisely tuned for a specific type of driver. Under the bottom driver there is an IR sensor and LED indication of speaker operating modes, and a large bass reflex port located at the rear of the speaker provides full-bodied bass.

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Dynaudio Xeo 30 received an improved DSP processor and updated software, and the settings were borrowed from professional LYD 5 monitors. The developers simplified the crossover circuit and changed the crossover frequencies, which improved integrity and increased sound accuracy. According to Dynaudio, the Xeo 30 speaker system delivers better low-frequency spectrum performance and a wider dispersion pattern than its predecessor. The processor makes it possible to adjust the volume and perform stepwise frequency response correction when installing the speakers in a corner, against a wall or in free space (for this, use the switch on the rear panel of the case).

There is a recessed panel in the rear of the Master speaker, which has a built-in optical input (up to 24 bit/96 kHz), as well as analog input connectors: two RCA and a mini-jack. There are also “sliders” for assigning speakers to a specific zone during a multi-room installation and for switching the speaker to the right or left channel sound mode. If necessary, you can expand the connection by using the Dynaudio Connect Wi-Fi transmitter with Bluetooth support. In this case, in addition to the connectors listed above, Mini-USB for the computer and a coaxial input are added. The floorstander can receive wireless audio from Dynaudio Connect at up to 24-bit/96 kHz resolution. It should also be noted that the speaker system has its own built-in Bluetooth circuit with support for the aptX codec.

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Both speakers (Master and Slave) communicate with each other wirelessly and use a 24-bit/96 kHz signal. A standard remote control is provided to control Dynaudio Xeo 30 and Connect. Alternatively, you can use the Connect Control app for iOS devices.

Characteristics of Dynaudio Xeo 30

Housing type bass reflex, port integrated into the rear of the housing
Number of bands 2.5
Number of speakers 3 Frequency
range 36 Hz – 21 kHz (± 3 dB)
Diameter/type of tweeter 28 mm soft dome tweeter
Diameter and type of midrange/bass -emitters 2 x 140 mm MF/LF drivers with diffusers made of magnesium silicate polymer (MSP), lightweight coils with aluminum wire
Crossover controlled by DSP
Crossover frequencies 200/4300 Hz
Power of built-in digital amplifiers 3 x 65 W
Built-in Bluetooth speakers circuit with aptX support yes
Wi-Fi support via Dynaudio Connect transmitter or Xeo Hub 3 bands: 2.4/5.2/5.8 GHz
DLNA and Bluetooth support with aptX codec via Dynaudio Connect transmitter yes
Maximum resolution of audio files transmitted to speakers 24 bit/96 kHz
Speaker inputs (Master speaker) linear 3.5 mm Aux In, line RCA, optical (24 bit/96 kHz), service USB port (software update only)
Transmitter inputs Dynaudio Connect linear 3.5 mm Aux In, linear RCA, optical (24 bit/192 kHz), coaxial (24 bit/192 kHz), Mini-USB for computer (up to 24 bit/96 kHz)
Autoplay function automatically turns on the speakers and plays audio when there is an active signal source
Remote control available
Possibility of control via the Connect Control application for iOS devices supported
Optional devices available: Xeo Hub or Dynaudio Connect transmitters, Xeo Extender repeater (3 bands, increases the range of the wireless connection), Xeo Link receiver with built-in DAC, analog and digital outputs
Grill with magnetic mount yes
AC power consumption 165 W (maximum), 0.5 W (standby)
Connect transmitter power consumption 8 W (maximum)
Connect transmitter power supply external adapter, 5 V/2000 mA
Speaker dimensions (WxHxD) 180x825x246 mm, 228x852x275 mm (including grill and legs)
Connect transmitter dimensions (WxHxD) 140x32x105 mm
Speaker weight 13.4 kg
Connect transmitter weight 0.2 kg