EJ Jordan Marlow Greenwich rackmount speakers: Two Eikona full-range speakers in a BBC LS3/5A cabinet

The British company EJ Jordan presented Greenwich acoustics based on Eikona branded speakers and in the design of the legendary BBC LS3 / 5A monitors. Last year there were already Marlow bookshelves with one Eikona speaker and one bass reflex. Greenwich has twice as many of these parts.

Given that the Eikona driver has an approximately 130mm cone, the dimensions of the Greenwich are quite compact: 420 x 250 x 210mm. The thing is, this Controflex alloy cone on a round outer surround, designed by EJ Jordan’s Ted Jordan, delivers outstanding performance. Suffice it to say that for the Greenwich speakers, an almost linear frequency range of 44 Hz – 18 kHz is declared.

The Greenwich, like last year’s Marlow, doesn’t need a crossover with all its phase issues. Greenwich weigh 8 kg and with a sensitivity of 86 dB / W and a resistance of 16 ohms (minimum – 12) they are ready to work with an amplifier with a power of 10 – 150 watts, withstanding 200 watts of peak power.

As for “BBC monitor design”, it’s about the style and technology of cabinets borrowed from almost half a century of bookshelf LS3/5A. These are innovative boxes made of 9 mm Baltic birch plywood in a comprehensive cuboid geometry with a volume of 16 liters. Outside they are covered with high-quality natural wood veneer – walnut or tamo ash – and equipped with high-quality copper speaker cable terminals.

The EJ Jordan Greenwich speakers are now available in the UK for £4,950 a pair in walnut; for the ash tamo, another hundred pounds would have to be added. In addition, the columns can be completed with metal racks made of plates and vertical pipes with a height of 510 mm or 610 mm at a price of 420 or 450 pounds.