Elac Solano 2.0: Renewed three-part product line of speakers


Germany-based speaker manufacturer Elac has updated its existing Solano product line . The Solano product line has been around for approximately three years now and the updated line also consists of a floorstander, a monitor model and a center model. The most striking innovation is the placement of the JET 6 tweeter.

Elac Solano 2.0

According to the manufacturer, the members of the Solano product line can be used for both dual-channel and multi-channel systems. Monitor model BS283.2 could serve as a rear speaker in a home theater. There will be two floor-standing FS287.2s at the front and the CC281.2 under the television.

The cabinets are made of MDF and have a glossy white or black finish. The manufacturer has installed the necessary internal reinforcements to prevent cabinet staining. The members of the Solano product line have a JET 6 tweeter on board. This is the latest Air Motion Transfomer (AMT) from Elac and the JET 6 tweeter can reproduce frequencies up to 50 kHz. The woofer has an aluminum cone with a diameter of 150 millimeters that is made of a sandwich construction. Two-way monitor model BS283.2 has one woofer (crossover at 2.4 kHz), floorstander FS287.2 and center model CC281.2 each have two and the drivers are configured in a 2.5-way system (crossover at 450 Hz and 2.4 kHz). The floorstander picks up at 30 Hz, the center model at 34 Hz ​​and the monitor model at 41 Hz.

All models have bass reflex housing. Monitor model BS283.2 and floorstander FS287.2 have a downward facing port. Center model CC281.2 has its bass reflex port at the back. All speakers are equipped with double speaker connections for bi-wiring or bi-amping. Covering fronts are optional.

Delivery is expected to start in May 2024 for the recommended retail prices below.

  • Elac Solano 2.0 BS283.2 monitor model: from 1,598 euros per pair
  • Elac Solano 2.0 FS287.2 floorstander: from 2,998 euros per pair
  • Elac Solano 2.0 CC281.2 center model: from 999 euros each
  • Set of round magnetic cover panels with black fabric: 40 euros per speaker
  • Rectangular metal cover grille (black or white): 65 euros per speaker


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