Elipson Horus: Budget series of acoustics for stereo and home cinema

The new series of Horus speaker systems from the French brand Elipson offers music and home theater lovers an attractive combination of price and quality. The line includes floor and bookshelf models of acoustics, a center channel speaker and an active subwoofer. At the same time, prices for new items start at 349 euros for a shelf model Elipson Horus 6B .

ImageThe compact bookshelf monitors are equipped with a one-inch silk dome tweeter and a mid/bass driver with a cone 13 cm in diameter, made of fiberglass reinforced cellulose.


ImageThe floor-standing model Horus 11F is implemented in a 2.5-way concept with a pair of the same 13 cm mid/bass drivers and a 25 mm tweeter. The speakers work in a phase-inverted design with a large port on the front wall of the case, which facilitates the installation of speakers in a room.


To complete the surround sound system, the Elipson Horus series includes the Horus 10C center channel speaker, which uses the same speakers as the rest of the range. The series is completed by the Horus 8S compact active subwoofer, equipped with a 20 cm driver and an amplifier operating in class D and capable of developing up to 300 watts at the peak.

Elipson Horus speakers are available in carbon black , light beige or dark walnut finishes . Suggested retail prices start at €349 for Horus 6B bookshelf speakers . Floorstanding speakers Horus 11F are priced at 849 euros . The Horus 10C center channel speaker will cost 249 euros , and the Horus 8S subwoofer will cost 499 euros . If you buy the entire 5.1 system as a whole, then such a kit can be purchased for 1,775 euros. All models of the series, except for the subwoofer, are already on sale. The subwoofer should appear before the end of April 2023.


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