Elipson Planet M: Spherical designer speaker that packs a punch

Elipson Planet M
Elipson Planet M

Speaker systems in spherical enclosures are not something completely exotic for the Hi-Fi market – the first models of this shape were created back in the mid-70s of the last century. Indeed, in many “sound” parameters, a ball-shaped case is potentially superior to a standard “box”, but today only a few companies risk taking on the production of such unusual-looking speakers. One of the companies seriously involved in the development of spherical acoustics is the French Elipson.


Elipson has added to its range of stylish designer speaker systems with high-quality sound – after the large “balls” Planet L, the time has come for more compact ones – Planet M. The speaker is a sphere with a diameter of about 160 mm with a coaxial speaker placed in a closed housing made of special resin. The speakers are supplied with a table stand; floor stands can be purchased separately.

Planet M speakers have a closed cabinet and can be installed on a table stand or a special floor stand. The acoustic systems have a two-way configuration, equipped with proprietary speakers – a low-frequency one with a paper diffuser with a diameter of 100 mm, and a tweeter with a 20 mm silk dome. Both emitters are located coaxially, forming a point sound source with a uniform radiation pattern over the entire frequency range. Taking into account the shape of the body, such acoustics can literally disappear into the sound stage, practically not revealing themselves as a sound source. The internal wiring in the speakers is made with high-quality speaker cable, and a single pair of screw terminals is used to connect the amplifier.


There are many options for placing these acoustics, and in this regard, Planet M is much more “flexible” than any traditional speakers. These speakers can, for example, be mounted on the ceiling – using a special rod, or simply half-sunk into suspended ceiling panels. Also, using a special bracket, Planet M can be mounted on the wall.

The speakers can operate in two or multi-channel audio systems (Elipson also produces a special subwoofer that is stylistically suitable for these speakers), and provide high-quality sound in medium-sized rooms. These speakers have fairly high sensitivity and stable impedance, and will pair well with popular brands of electronics.

Characteristics of Elipson Planet M 

Coaxial driver
Three options for external finishing
Frequency range 90 Hz – 22000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
Resistance 8 Ohms
Sensitivity 88 dB
Input power 30 – 80 W
Filter crossover frequency 2500 Hz
Dimensions 150 x 150 x 150 mm
Weight 1 .65 kg

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