Emotiva Airmotiv X
Emotiva Airmotiv X
Emotiva Airmotiv X

Emotiva Airmotiv X: New impressive speakers from Tennessee

Emotiva has recently unveiled its latest innovation in sound technology, the Airmotiv X series. This new lineup comprises an impressive array of 8 distinct models, meticulously designed to cater to a variety of audio needs. Central to the design philosophy of the Airmotiv X series is the inclusion of a unique Folded-Ribbon tweeter, each measuring 1 x 1.25 inches, which is a testament to Emotiva’s commitment to delivering superior sound quality.

The engineering prowess of Emotiva is further showcased in the Airmotiv X speakers through the integration of midrange drivers that feature “woven” composite diffusers, alongside long-throw bass drivers. This combination ensures a rich and detailed sound across the spectrum. The series is thoughtfully curated, consisting of three floorstanding models, three center channel systems designed for clear and articulate vocal reproduction, a versatile shelf model, and a surround sound speaker, also referred to as a “top” source, which is ideal for wall mounting to create an immersive audio experience.

The floorstanding segment of the Airmotiv series includes three models: Xt3, Xt2, and Xt1, each a three-way system designed to meet varying audio preferences. The flagship Xt3 model boasts dual 5.25-inch midrange drivers and a trio of 8-inch woofers, achieving a remarkable lower frequency limit of 30 Hz within a ±3 dB flatness. The Xt2, while sharing a similar aesthetic, opts for 6-inch woofers, resulting in a slightly higher lower frequency limit of 40 Hz, maintaining the same degree of flatness. The most compact of the floorstanders, the Xt1, features a 4.5-inch midrange driver accompanied by three 5.25-inch woofers, with a lower frequency limit set at 45 Hz.

The Airmotiv X series also extends its excellence to the center channel speakers, with the Airmotiv Xc3 leading the pack as a three-way system, mirroring the complexity of its floorstanding counterparts. Each center channel model includes a rotating tweeter mount for adjustable sound directionality. The Xc3 is distinguished by its configuration, which includes 5.25-inch midrange drivers flanked by two 6-inch woofers. The Xc2 follows suit but is housed in a more compact enclosure, while the Xc1, the smallest among them, utilizes a 4.5-inch midrange driver paired with two 5.25-inch woofers.

Additionally, the Airmotiv X series offers the Xb2 bookshelf model, a two-way speaker capable of reaching a low frequency of 55 Hz, designed for flexible orientation, either vertically or horizontally. It incorporates a rotatable tweeter alongside a 6-inch woofer/midrange speaker. The Xa2, a wall-mounted option, features a similar rotatable tweeter and a 5.25-inch woofer, encased within a wedge-shaped housing to complement the aesthetic and acoustic needs of modern living spaces.

Emotiva has set the pricing for the Airmotiv X series to accommodate a range of budgets while ensuring access to high-quality audio experiences. The floorstanding models are priced at $2,000 for the Xt3, $1,300 for the Xt2, and $1,000 for the Xt1, per pair. The center channels are available at $900 for the Xc3, $600 for the Xc2, and $400 for the Xc1. For those seeking compact solutions, the Xb2 bookshelf speakers are priced at $500 per pair, and the wall-mounted Xa2 speakers are available at $400 per pair.

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