Fleetwood Sound Excelsior
Fleetwood Sound Excelsior
Fleetwood Sound Excelsior

Fleetwood Sound Excelsior: Impressive all in one speaker system

Fleetwood Sound’s Excelsior all-in-one speaker system stands as a groundbreaking achievement in audio technology, being the first of its kind to deliver ultra-high quality sound in an almost portable package. This system integrates WiFi, Bluetooth, DAC, and Phono inputs, catering to all your audio needs in a single, comprehensive unit.

By ingeniously condensing the essence of a high-end, large-scale OMA sound system into a remarkably compact form, Fleetwood Sound offers a legacy piece of audio equipment. This isn’t just another piece of technology; it’s a high-quality investment meant to be passed down through generations, far from being a compromise or budget option.

Constructed from the finest materials such as solid torrefied Pennsylvania oak, cast aluminum, and paper phenolic, the Excelsior is likened to a Swiss Army knife for audiophiles, capable of accommodating virtually any audio source. Its modular electronics are designed for future-proofing, allowing for easy updates by the user without the need for tools, ensuring it remains relevant and never obsolete.

The Excelsior SQ (Superior Quality) takes the original model to unparalleled heights with its significant enhancements. It features oversized solid, cast bronze horns that are meticulously polished by hand, bodies crafted from ancient reclaimed wood, and superior internal components. This model epitomizes a “cost no object” approach to creating a speaker of its size and type, a novel entry in the audio world.

An optional stand made from the same torrefied wood as the speaker itself complements the Excelsior, featuring a robust cast iron base for stability and aesthetic coherence.

The versatility and portability of the Excelsior make it an indispensable companion for a variety of settings and occasions. Its compact size allows for easy transportation, whether you’re bringing the vibrant sound to a cabin getaway, a lively party, or simply enjoying it in your kitchen or outdoors (with caution, as it is not waterproof).

In the realm of small, high-efficiency, horn-loaded speaker systems that are built to last and offer all-in-one convenience, the Excelsior has no equal. Just plug it in, and brace yourself for an unparalleled auditory experience that redefines expectations for what a compact speaker system can achieve.