Focal unveils new Aria Evo X speaker series at CES 2024

Focal Aria Evo X: High-End speakers unveiled

French speaker manufacturer Focal has announced the release of a new Aria Evo X series, which is the successor to the popular Aria 900 line introduced ten years ago.

Focal Aria EVO X
Focal Aria EVO X

The Aria Evo X series debuted at CES 2024 and includes five models: the N°1 bookshelf speakers priced at $2,398 per pair, the Evo X Center center channel for $999, as well as three floorstanding speakers – N°2, N°3 and N°4, costing $4,798, $5,198 and $5,998 per pair respectively.

The start of deliveries of new products is scheduled for February. The models use proprietary TAM inverted dome tweeters, the high frequency range of which reaches 30 kHz. Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) technology is used to reduce distortion in the midrange drivers, and an updated woofer magnet structure promises improved bass reproduction. The crossovers have also been redesigned to improve frequency balance.

Like the previous Aria 900 series, the new Aria Evo X models use a special French flax fiber material for the woofer and midrange cones, which is distinguished by its ability to create “natural sound without coloration.”

The N°1 bookshelf speaker is a two-way system that combines a TAM tweeter with a 6.5-inch woofer in a bass-reflex cabinet just over 15 inches tall. The characteristics of the speaker allow you to reproduce frequencies up to 55 Hz (±3 dB) with a sensitivity of 89.5 dB.

The 41- and 45-inch-tall N°2 and N°3 floor-standing models are three-way, dual-bass reflex systems with frequency responses of 45 and 39 Hz (±3 dB), respectively. In both models, the tweeter is complemented by three 6.5-inch speakers, one of which in model N°2 plays the role of a midrange driver, with a sensitivity of 91.5 and 92 dB.

The flagship N°4 model features a TAM tweeter, a 6.5-inch midrange driver and two 8-inch woofers in a 45-inch single-bass reflex enclosure. The acoustics are capable of reproducing sound up to 37 Hz (±3 dB) with a sensitivity of 92.5 dB.

Completing the lineup is the Evo X Center, which features two 6.5-inch woofers flanking the TAM tweeter in a 21-inch wide cabinet. The lower frequency threshold is 57 Hz (±3 dB) with a sensitivity of 91 dB.

Focal has added a high-gloss moss green color to the range of finishes, joining the existing gloss black and walnut options, each of which has a faux leather-covered dashboard. More detailed information about the new series of acoustics is available on the company’s official website

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