Focal Chora 806
Focal Chora 806
Focal Chora 806

Focal Chora 806: High-quality, modern bookshelf speakers

The Chora range features a modern design. All models have an inclined stand made using Time Alignment technology, which provides an optimal sound stage that is more focused on the listener. The structure of Slatefiber membranes with a slate effect is the finishing touch adding sophistication and individuality. Manufactured in Focal’s workshops using state-of-the-art industrial equipment, the diaphragm has a “slate” effect, providing excellent damping, high rigidity and extreme lightness – the three main pillars of a driver diaphragm.


When developing the Chora project, the engineers had the same goal as when producing the Chorus line, namely to offer listeners affordable, high-quality products, but with significantly improved performance and sound. The development of technologies and components for the new line took place at Focal’s facilities in Saint-Etienne, where the brand’s products have been produced for the last 40 years. The mid- and low-frequency drivers in the Chora acoustics received completely new diffusers, providing, according to the developers, “instant audio appeal and visual charm.” They are made of Slatefiber material, developed and manufactured by Focal.

Focal’s exclusive Slatefiber technology features a driver membrane in a three-layer sandwich design in which a layer of specially treated non-woven carbon fiber is sandwiched between two layers of thermoplastic polymer. In their quest for perfection, Focal engineers decided to use non-woven carbon fibers oriented in one direction to achieve high rigidity and effective damping.


The Chora 806 is a two-way bookshelf loudspeaker with low-frequency reflection. The Focal Chora 806 features a 1-inch TNF tweeter with a lightweight inverted dome made from aluminum-magnesium alloy. The suspension is made of a special foam material with a shape memory effect, called “Poron”. According to the manufacturer, such material makes it possible to triple the level of nonlinear distortion in the range from two to three thousand hertz, to which human hearing is especially sensitive. The concave dome provides superior spatial performance and broad directivity, allowing you to hear crisp, silky high frequencies from virtually anywhere in the room. The tweeter is placed in a small waveguide and covered with mesh protection.

A 165 mm mid/bass driver with a three-layer slate-colored diffuser, made in accordance with the special proprietary Slatefiber technology, helps to obtain a balanced and dynamic sound with well-developed bass. Its center section is made from recycled non-woven carbon fiber, with the fibers oriented in the same direction to provide higher stiffness and improved damping. The central layer is sandwiched between two layers of thermoplastic polymer. As a result, it is possible to obtain a very rigid, light and perfectly damped membrane, which, in fact, are the three main features of a good diffuser. To protect the driver, there is a separate round grill with a magnetic mount.


Chora 806 loudspeaker systems embody careful craftsmanship and modern design. The speaker body has a round bass reflex port built into its front part and has aerodynamic properties that help reduce distortion. To install the speaker on a shelf, silicone feet are provided, and as an option, Focal-JMLab offers branded stands with a slight slope. Focal Chora 806 is available in three finishes: Black, Light Wood and Dark Wood.

Characteristics of Focal Chora 806

Number of bands 2
Number of speakers 2
Housing type bass reflex, round port built into the facade
Tweeter 25 mm TNF HF emitter with a concave aluminum-magnesium membrane and suspension made of Poron material, placed in a waveguide flange, protected by a metal mesh
midrange/bass -165 mm mid/bass driver with a sandwich diffuser (Slatefiber technology), a central layer made of non-woven carbon fiber, placed between two layers of thermoplastic polymer
Sensitivity 89 dB (2.83 V/1 m)
Frequency response 58 Hz – 28 kHz (± 3 dB)
Lower limit of frequency response 49 Hz (- 6 dB)
Nominal impedance 8 ohms
Minimum impedance 4.6 ohms
Recommended amplifier power 25 to 120 W per channel
Crossover frequencies 3000 Hz
Input connectors 2 screw terminals
Grill with magnetic mounting
Stand available as an option
Speaker dimensions (WxHxD) 210x431x270 mm
Weight 7.4 kg

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