Guru 12 Speakers
Guru 12 Speakers
Guru 12 Speakers

Guru 12: Beautiful stand mount speaker from Sweden

For years, Guru Audio, located in Uppsala, Sweden, has led the charge in designing and manufacturing loudspeaker systems that ignite enthusiasm.

Their philosophy of melding sleek, compact design with formidable sound output shines through in their latest product, the Guru 12, further emphasizing Guru Audio’s bold confidence in their pioneering methods.

Guru 12 Stand Mount Speaker: Partially suitable for shelf use

While the new Guru 12 might initially seem like a traditional bookshelf speaker system, Guru Audio prefers to distinguish it as a stand mount speaker. This designation is a clear indication that the ideal placement for the Guru 12 is not on a shelf, but rather on its specially designed stand.

Guru Audio acknowledges that a sturdy sideboard or lowboard can also serve as a suitable base for the Guru 12, offering flexibility to users. Despite this adaptability, using the designated stand ensures that the speaker system occupies space comparable to that of a conventional floorstanding speaker system.

According to its specifications, the Guru 12 is categorized as both a bookshelf and stand mount speaker.

Guru Audio highlights that the Guru 12 is a loudspeaker system engineered to allow the natural musicality to emerge in full detail. Throughout its development, a priority was placed on achieving temporally and dynamically precise sound reproduction. A unique 6-inch mid-bass driver featuring a polypropylene membrane is utilized for this purpose, ensuring distortion-free audio across an expansive frequency range.

For the higher frequencies, a silk dome tweeter is employed, renowned for its clarity and precision. This combination affords the Guru 12 a broad frequency range from 28 Hz to 30 kHz. With a nominal impedance of 5 ohms and a sensitivity of 88 dB, the Guru 12 is compatible with amplifiers ranging from 20 to 160 watts in power output.

Constructed primarily from MDF, with stainless steel components and incorporating a Helmholtz resonator internally, the Guru 12 boasts dimensions of 208 x 322 x 278 mm. This careful blend of design and technology underscores Guru Audio’s commitment to delivering superior sound quality in a compact form.

Price: $3,340

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