HECO Aurora 200P
HECO Aurora 200P
HECO Aurora 200P

HECO Aurora 200P: Active speakers worth checking out

The active speaker system HECO Aurora 200 P has a two-channel class D amplifier with a total power of 75 W and other electronics in the left column. The manufacturer has tried to equip the acoustics with all interfaces for working with modern signal sources. As for the finishing options, Magnat has promised that there will be no problems with the choice: HECO Aurora 200 P is available only in the classic black color, with a lacquered front panel and textured veneer.


HECO Aurora 200 P has an HDMI input with support for Audio Return Channel (ARC) and CEC function. All signals are sent from the TV directly to the speakers using Audio Return Channel (ARC) over the HDMI cable. The same applies to other components connected to the TV. It could be a satellite/cable TV receiver, a game console or another device – but as soon as you select the required input on the TV, the sound in movies, TV series or games takes on the full frequency range. And with CEC, which provides system control via HDMI, you can adjust the volume using your TV’s remote control.

The usual analog and digital inputs are also not forgotten. Digitally, the HECO Aurora 200 P acoustics receive signals with a resolution of up to 24 bit/192 kHz. In addition to the usual linear signal, the analogue is also represented by the input of the built-in phono stage for MM cartridges. In the wireless version, the HECO Aurora 200 P speakers will be able to use the built-in Bluetooth 5.0 module, and support for the aptx Low Latency codec will allow you to watch videos without desynchronizing the audio track.


The legendary Fluxtus tweeter features a 28mm silk dome tweeter for unrivaled natural high frequency range. The dual magnetic system with ferrofluid cooling guarantees high performance and, more importantly, high load capacity. The distinctive multi-wavelength front panel provides ideal dispersion for all listeners. The 125mm woofer-midrange driver is, of course, made of kraft paper. Our specially developed long fiber material guarantees an unrivaled natural sound signature, making it ideal for vocals and instruments. The carefully coordinated bass reflex design allows the Heco Aurora 200 P to reproduce a deep bass range down to 38 Hz.

The main advantage of the HECO Aurora 200 P is how cultured and detailed they convey the entire sonorous and airy spectrum. We would call the second advantage a good headroom in terms of dynamics. When running at high volumes, the systems did not exhibit any noticeable distortion, overload, or compression typical of small, inexpensive speakers. We cannot blame the monitors for the slight “boxy” tinting tones at mid-frequencies and the insufficiently deep construction of the stereophonic space that we noticed during listening – all this is the specificity of working against a wall. It is this that adds early reflections and enhances the overtones coming from the bass reflex ports.


In practice, this can be easily corrected with a little acoustic tuning. You can add some sound-absorbing material to the wall. Or you can place the acoustics even closer to the wall, completely muffling the ports. The first option will slightly improve the depth of the scene. The second one is guaranteed to remove those same coloring overtones.

Characteristics of HECO Aurora 200 P

Active acoustic Bluetooth stereo system with phono stage
Design: 2-way, bass reflex type
Output power (RMS/max): 2 x 35 / 2 x 75 watts
Frequency range: 38 – 42,000 Hz
Crossover frequency: 3.4 kHz
Inputs: HDMI® with ARC and CEC functions (with the ability to control speakers using the TV remote control), aptx® Bluetooth® (version 5.0), Optical digital input, analog stereo input 3.5, Analog stereo input (RCA R/L) with switchable preamp -corrector for vinyl players with MM pickup
Body material: MDF
Dimensions: 170 x 308 x 245 mm
Weight: 5.1 kg