Jamo C 91 II: Second generation compact, powerful speakers

Jamo C 91 II
Jamo C 91 II

The Jamo Concert 9 II series of speaker systems, along with two floor-standing and two bookshelf models that can be successfully used in stereo systems, also includes specific speakers for home cinema – the Jamo C 9 CEN II center channel speaker and the Jamo C 9 wall-mounted rear effects speakers SUR II. The older floor-standing model with the index Jamo C 97 II is three-way, which distinguishes the older Concert line from the Studio, which did not have three-way speakers. In addition, the Jamo C 9 SUR II rear effects speakers are also designed in a three-way concept; in them, the mid-frequency driver is mounted on its own cabinet wall, which provides a diffuse sound field. The rest of the series are two-way speakers – the junior floor-standing model Jamo C 95 II and two bookshelf speakers that differ in the dimensions of their cabinets and bass drivers, Jamo C 93 II and Jamo C 91 II.


The design of the second generation of the Concert series speakers is made in accordance with the proprietary Acoustic Furniture concept proposed by Jamo Loudspeakers chief designer Kieron Dunk. The streamlined front panel protrudes in the middle part beyond the dimensions of the usual rectangular body. In addition to the original, memorable appearance, this increases the vibration resistance of the structure as a whole. The cabinets are made of MDF and finished with vinyl film. You can choose from three finishes – black ash, white oak and dark apple.

The name Concert for the older series of acoustic systems was not chosen by the Danes by chance and obliges us to a lot. When creating these speakers, Jamo Loudspeakers engineers tried to minimize distortion even at concert volume levels, which is a difficult task for home speakers. As in the Studio 8 series, the Concert 9 II line includes all types of speakers to complete a full-fledged home theater surround sound system, although the Danes do not offer ready-made kits, as in the younger line, leaving the right of choice entirely to the buyer. Let us recall that the belonging of all speakers of a surround sound system to the same series is not only (and not so much) desirable for the unity of design and finishing, but is determined by the need to create a single monolithic sound field, which is achieved by using the same emitters in all speakers. This is especially true for high-frequency speakers, since it is in this part of the operating range that our hearing distinguishes the slightest differences in the nature of the material being presented.

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All speakers feature the same 1-inch silk dome tweeter, mounted inside a proprietary ADW (Anti-Diffraction Wave Guide), providing an expanded horizontal radiation pattern. Vibration decoupling of the tweeter from the speaker housing and the influence of other system drivers is ensured by a special gasket made of elastic polymer material. The Danes called this solution Tweeter Distortion Reduction (TDR).

The diffusers of the midrange and bass drivers are made of proprietary composite material HCCC (Hybrid Composition Conical Cone), which, according to the manufacturer, combines “the rigidity of aluminum and titanium with the softness and delicacy of wood fiber.” To the touch, this material is similar to fabric reinforced with a large metal mesh. The large excursion of the bass drivers is provided by proprietary elastic LDS (Long Displacement Surround) suspensions, which allows the speakers to achieve impressive low-frequency depths in relatively compact sizes. In the center of the speakers there are quite impressive aluminum bullet-dissectors, which serve both to equalize the phase response of the speaker and to remove heat from the voice coil. Such serious measures emphasize the speaker’s focus on operating at high volume levels, which is reflected in the name of the series – Concert.


Floor-standing models are equipped with speakers of the same diameter of 6 inches – the older Jamo C 97 II has three such drivers, one of which sounds the mid-frequency range, and the younger Jamo C 95 II has two such heads. A similar speaker also works in the large shelf model Jamo C 93 II. The lower-end bookshelf speakers, as well as the center channel and rear effects speakers, are equipped with speakers with a smaller diameter of 4 inches. All speakers of the Concert series, except for the rear effects speakers, are made in a bass-reflex acoustic design. Large bass reflex ports, made of vibration-resistant polymer, are located on the rear walls of the speaker cabinets, which must be taken into account when installing speakers in a room – in order to avoid degradation of the bass register, you should not move them too close to the wall.

Characteristics of Jamo C 91 II

Frequency response, Hz – 65 – 24,000 (at ± 3 dB level)
Number of bands – 2 (HF – 2.5 cm, silk dome, MF / LF – 10.2 cm, 4 HCCC – Hybrid Composition Conical Cone)
Acoustic design – bass reflex
Impedance, Ohm – 6
Sensitivity, dB – 86 (2.83V @ 1m)
Input power, W – 120 (continuous) / 240 (peak)
Dimensions of one speaker, cm – 26.5 x 17.5 x 19.1
Weight of one column, kg – 4.1

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