Jamo S 803
Jamo S 803
Jamo S 803

Jamo S 803: Sleek and modern speakers from Denmark

The Danish company, celebrating its 55th anniversary in 2023, continue to supply the latest generation of acoustics. This line includes 10 models: three floor-standing (S 809, S 807 and S 805), two bookshelf (S 803 and S 801 ), two center speakers (S 83 CEN and S 81 CEN), a pair of subwoofers (S 810 SUB and S 808 SUB) and one 3D Audio speaker certified for Dolby Atmos (S 8 ATM).

All Studio 8 speakers feature soft dome tweeters with proprietary WaveGuide technology and aluminized polyfiber woofers. In almost all models of the line, the bass reflex ports are located on the front panel. The speakers are available in several colors: white (with gray grilles), black or walnut (with dark gray grilles) with a matte vinyl finish and wood color accents.


The Jamo S 803 features patented metal connectors on the top of its cabinets that serve as mounting and connection terminals for Atmos speakers, which in turn have metal feet for smooth installation into the connectors on floor-standing speakers and high-end bookshelf speakers.

In the Jamo S 803 speaker systems, the bass and mid-frequency section is a 5-inch driver. The diffuser has a sandwich structure consisting of two layers of aluminum foil with a damping layer of synthetic polyfiber. Aluminum is an ideal material – light and rigid, which is why it is used in aviation, but thin membranes are prone to resonances, which is what the fiber calms. The low-frequency design is a bass reflex, but not quite an ordinary one. Firstly, it is slotted and has a larger cross-section, which reduces the speed of the air flow and, accordingly, the risk of turbulent overtones at high volumes. Secondly, the port is brought forward, so the speakers can be placed closer to the wall and thereby save space.


When designing a home cinema, it is recommended to construct a surround sound system from acoustics created on the basis of dynamic heads that are identical or similar in characteristics and materials used. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to achieve a monolithic surrounding sound field, which greatly influences the impressions that viewers will receive from watching a film with a multi-channel soundtrack. And vice versa, the magic can be destroyed if, for example, a multi-ton truck passing in front of you from the right side of the screen to the left suddenly turns into a lawn mower in the middle of the road. It is especially important that all speakers are equipped with the same high-frequency emitters, since it is in the high-frequency part of the sound range that human hearing distinguishes the slightest differences in the nature of the material being presented.

Characteristics of Jamo S 803

Frequency response, Hz – 57 – 26,000 (at ± 3 dB level)
Number of bands – 2 (LF / MF – 12.7 cm, HF – 2.5 cm, soft dome), crossover frequency 2 kHz
Acoustic design – bass reflex
Impedance, Ohm – 8
Sensitivity, dB – 87 (2.83V @ 1m)
Input power, W – 80 (continuous) / 160 (peak)
Dimensions of one speaker, cm – 35.3 x 19.1 x 25, 2