Jamo S 809: Award-winning floorstanding speakers

Jamo S 809
Jamo S 809

The Danish company begins supplying the latest generation of acoustics, Studio 8. The line includes 10 models: three floor-standing (S 809, S 807 and S 805), two bookshelf (S 803 and S 801 ), two center speakers (S 83 CEN and S 81 CEN), a pair of subwoofers (S 810 SUB and S 808 SUB) and one 3D Audio speaker certified for Dolby Atmos (S 8 ATM).

The Studio 8 series features soft dome tweeters with proprietary WaveGuide technology, as well as aluminized polyfiber woofers and front-panel bass reflex ports on all floor-standing models and the higher-end bookshelf. All models are available in your choice of colors: white (with gray guards), black or walnut (with dark gray guards) with matte vinyl finish and wood color accents.


The Jamo S 809 floor-standing speakers not only sit at the top of the Studio 8 range, but also form the basis of the Jamo S 809 HCS home cinema speaker package, deservedly awarded this year by the association of European specialist journalists EISA as the “Best Buy Home Theater Speaker System”. And the contribution of the frontal pair to this result is decisive.

Jamo S 809 are large two-way floorstanding speakers with an inch dome tweeter, common for all models of the Studio 8 series, except for subwoofers, and three long-throw drivers with a diameter of 5 inches, responsible for the mid/low range. The frequency of division of responsibility zones is at around 2 kHz, that is, the tweeter has a fairly large amount of work, especially taking into account the upper limit of the operating range, which lies at around 26 kHz. The one-inch tweeter with a fabric soft dome is housed in a short waveguide, providing an optimal radiation pattern of sound waves.

The diffusers of the mid-low frequency drivers are multilayer – a sandwich is made of two layers of aluminum foil, separated by a damping layer of synthetic polyfiber. Aluminum combines lightness and rigidity, but requires additional measures to eliminate resonances, which is what polyfiber provides. Exactly the same speakers are used in the remaining floor-standing models of the Jamo Studio 8 series, only their number differs – the Jamo S 805 speaker systems have one such driver, the Jamo S 807 has two, and the older model Jamo S 809 uses three such speakers.


The heads in the Jamo S 809 operate in a bass-reflex acoustic design. The slot port is located at the very bottom of the front panel of the speaker, which allows you to install them almost flush to the wall. The manufacturer prefers a single-cable connection of the speakers to the amplifier, therefore only one pair of high-quality screw acoustic terminals is provided for switching. But we also found a second pair of terminals on the back wall of the case.

They are used to connect vertical speakers for surround sound systems that support the new Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtrack standards. These Jamo S 8 ATM speakers are sold separately and are installed on top of the Jamo S 809 (they are also compatible with the younger Jamo S 807 model).


The essence of Jamo’s patented Dolby Atmos ready design is to electrically connect these speakers without the use of cables. The signal is supplied to the speakers through installation pins, the main purpose of which is to rigidly fix vertically directed speakers on the top panels of floor-standing speaker cabinets, where special bushings are provided for them. Accordingly, the speaker cable from the corresponding amplifier of the multi-channel AV receiver is connected at the bottom of the body of such a composite speaker, which is what the second pair of speaker terminals is intended for. The solution is very simple and elegant from an ergonomic and aesthetic point of view.

The speakers are supplied with protective grilles made of acoustically transparent fabric on a plastic frame. Magnetic fastenings are provided, and a very interesting design solution is implemented here – the fastenings do not imply rigid fixation of the grills and allow them to be moved vertically. Thus, if the speakers are used in conjunction with the optional vertical-firing Jamo S 8 ATM speakers, the protective grilles can be moved upward so that they are visually integral with the grilles of the optional speakers. And if the Jamo S 809 is used in a stereo system, or as part of a classic surround sound system without “upper” channels, then the protective grilles take their usual place.


To increase stability, the Jamo S 809 speakers rest on metal bases – the only element that distinguishes the budget class of the Jamo S 809. However, if desired, this stand can be dismantled and the supplied spikes can be screwed into the mounting holes. The speaker cabinets are finished with vinyl film. There are three color options to choose from – black, white and walnut.

Characteristics of Jamo S 809

Frequency response, Hz – 37 – 26,000 (± 3 dB level) Number of bands – 2 (LF / MF – 3 x 12.7 cm, HF – 2.5 cm, soft dome), crossover frequency 2 kHz
Acoustic design – bass reflex
Impedance, Ohm – 8
Sensitivity, dB – 90 (2.83V @ 1m)
Input power, W – 120 (continuous) / 240 (peak)
Dimensions of one speaker, cm – 104.2 x 19.1 x 25.2
Weight of one column, kg – 13.6

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