JBL Studio 140pJBL Studio 140p
JBL Studio 140p

JBL Studio 140p: Not your ordinary subwoofer

JBL Studio 140P is an active subwoofer, which is designed for the JBL Studio and ES line models and has a 200mm low-frequency speaker directed to the floor with a bass reflex and is equipped with an amplifier capable of delivering 150W of power, respectively. The JBL Studio 140P subwoofer is equipped with a volume control function, turns on automatically when a signal is received, and has a phase switch. With JBL Studio subwoofers included in your home theater audio package, you are guaranteed to experience a lot of thrills when watching, for example, an action movie with an abundance of explosions and many other impressive sound effects.


Just as a theater begins with a hanger, so consumer electronics begin with a box. If our list of criteria included neat packaging, the JBL Studio 140P would be ahead of its competitors in this discipline by a wide margin. A colorful box decorated with photographs looks festive against the background of its dull stationery counterparts. Obviously, the manufacturer sells most of its products in electronics supermarkets, which makes us pay increased attention to packaging. However, the appearance of the subwoofer itself cannot be called ordinary.

A large, but very neat pyramid ends with a plastic cover of a very bizarre shape, which excludes the installation of a flower pot or other interior decorations on top. The wife will be upset, and we, as home theater apologists, will write down this feature as an asset to the device. The details that make the model stand out from the crowd don’t end there. The JBL Studio 140P is the only downward-firing subwoofer in the test, so its pyramid body rests on impressive supports that provide ample clearance between it and the floor. The large hole for the bass reflex port is also located on the bottom of the case. The dynamic head with a diffuser with a diameter of 20 cm is driven by an amplifier operating in class D and delivering an impressive 150 W, which increases to 300 W at peak loads.

Switching, as usual, is concentrated on the rear wall of the case. There is only one input here – low-level on a pair of RCA connectors. It is possible to disable the crossover for the case when the subwoofer is connected to the LFE channel of a cinema receiver. Gain and cutoff frequency adjustments are smooth, and the signal phase switches between 0 and 180 degrees. The model is thoughtfully supplied with an interconnect cable of sufficient length for connection to an AV receiver, cinema processor or stereo amplifier. The automatic device power control is always active depending on the presence of a useful signal at its input.


It took very little time after testing began to make sure that the JBL Studio 140P deserves to add another epithet “the best” to its treasury. It is undoubtedly the deepest member of our selection. However, this was predictable given its characteristics. The device confidently dived into the deep abyss of the soundtrack, extracting simply tectonic details from it. The bass finally acquired the expected scale, and although the matter, of course, did not come down to moving furniture (the class of the device is not the same at all), the scope of the cataclysms on the JBL Studio 140P screen was clearly illustrated. However, through the American prowess and pressure at the very bottom of the operating range, that same treacherous rumble sometimes appeared, which characterizes, albeit momentary, loss of control over the bass. And if in the movies this feature was not too annoying, then when performing rhythmic and catchy musical compositions it appeared more often.

Characteristics of JBL Studio 140P 


Power: 150 W.
Woofer: 200 mm.
Frequency range: 35 Hz – 150 Hz (-3dB).
Equipped with RCA inputs or stereo jack.
Adjustments: volume control, phase switch, automatic on/off, low-pass filter switch, cutoff frequency.
Wall thickness of the MDF case: 19 mm.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 380 x 410 x 380 mm.
Weight: 15.3 kg.
Finish: black ash.

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