Kali Audio LP-UNF
Kali Audio LP-UNF
Kali Audio LP-UNF

Kali Audio LP-UNF: Compact two-way ultra-near-field monitors for home studios

The release of an affordable pair of Kali Audio LP-UNF studio monitors became known from the company’s official press release. The model was created for compact and home studios and promises decent sound characteristics with small acoustic sizes.

Despite the fact that the Kali Audio LP-UNF is positioned as an entry-level solution, the manufacturer claims that the acoustics will provide users with “impressive expressiveness and clarity of sound.”

LP-UNF are small two-way ultra-near field monitors. Models are equipped with a 4.5-inch woofer, a 1-inch dome tweeter and front ports. The latter will allow you to easily find a place for acoustics in home studios, the manufacturer believes.

The monitors are designed for use on a desk, the company noted. When creating the model, engineers took into account reflections and transmission of vibrations into the table, and designed the cabinet in such a way that the LP-UNF clearly and accurately conveys the sound of the mix without additional distortion.

Kali Audio LP-UNF compact monitors for home studio
Kali Audio LP-UNF

Thanks to a number of technological solutions, acoustics can be installed both on stands at the table and on the table itself next to walls and corners. Regardless of the installation location , the monitors will provide accurate sound transmission and a minimum of distortion, noted Kali Audio.

LP-UNF is equipped with Class D amplifiers, providing up to 160 W of power: 40 W for high and low frequencies in each speaker. The reproduced frequency range of the model ranges from 39 to 25,000 Hz (at −10 dB), the crossover is located at a frequency of 1950 Hz. Maximum sound pressure is 103 dB, claimed harmonic distortion is less than 2% (at 85 dB @ 1M).

The monitors are sold in pairs, with the left speaker equipped with a control section. On the front panel of the monitor there are volume control keys, while the rear wall of the cabinet is reserved for switching.

To connect acoustics, balanced TRS connectors and unbalanced RCA inputs are provided. At the same time, the model can operate via a USB-C or Bluetooth port, so you can connect computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones to the acoustics.

Back panel Kali Audio LP-UNF

The control section also contains a sound correction system that allows you to weaken or strengthen one of the frequency ranges. Depending on the installation location, users can choose from eight settings that provide the best sound.

Kali Audio LP-UNF will be available in February 2024. The recommended cost of the model is $299 for a pair of monitors. You can get more details about the device on  the official Kali Audio website.