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KEF R5 Meta

KEF R5 Meta speakers launched and they are absolutely beautiful

The successor to the KEF R5, the KEF R5 Meta speakers are passive floorstanding speakers that utilize the company’s new cutting-edge Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT), or Absorbent Material Technology. This is a complex labyrinth of channels in which each of them effectively absorbs radiation of a certain frequency.

The developers note that together, these channels act as an acoustic black hole, absorbing 99% of unwanted sound waves from the rear region of the tweeter, eliminating resulting distortion and providing cleaner and more natural sound. MAT technology is used in the proprietary Uni-Q twelfth generation coaxial driver, namely in the tweeter, which, as you know, is located in the center of the mid-range driver. The woofers use a chassis made of aluminum,


Floor-standing speakers KEF R5 Meta are relatively small in size and convenient for placement in a living space. At the same time, thanks to their thoughtful design and proprietary speakers, they deliver convincing bass and rich sound. The speakers form a wide and sophisticated sound picture. The acoustics can be used in stereo systems for music lovers with the widest musical tastes or in a home theater.


KEF R5 Meta are made in a three-way configuration. High and mid frequencies in the speaker are reproduced by a Uni-Q combined emitter. It consists of a 125mm main driver with an aluminum cone and a 25mm tweeter. The emitter is manufactured in such a way as to obtain the most consistent sound over the entire operating frequency range with minimal phase distortion. In addition, the new generation Uni-Q uses a special sound guide for the tweeter. It made it possible to make its polar pattern wide and uniform, regardless of the movement of the woofer cone. Transverse notches on the surface of the latter reduce unwanted vibrations. The Uni-Q driver is placed in a common sound guide to eliminate distortion of sound waves at the edges of the front panel.



The two woofers in the KEF R5 Meta have a diameter of 130 mm, which ensured fairly deep bass while maintaining the small width of the speaker body. The woofers are equipped with combined aluminum and paper cones capable of moving with large amplitudes, and powerful magnetic systems. The KEF R5 Meta speaker is equipped with a proprietary flexible tube bass reflex port, which ensures smooth passage of fast airflow. The body of the speaker system is reinforced with internal partitions and ties, which form a given working volume for the speakers and suppress vibrations of the walls. KEF R5 Meta is equipped with double screw terminals, providing the ability to connect using Bi-Wiring or Bi-Amping schemes.


The R Meta series includes seven models: three floor-standing, one bookshelf, two center channel systems and a surround speaker that acts as a height channel in Dolby Atmos home theaters (it can be hung on the wall or placed on another speaker of the same series). In addition to the updated Uni-Q driver with MAT technology, improved damping and a flexible decoupling chassis that reduces vibration, the R Meta Series loudspeakers feature hybrid aluminum woofers to deliver tight, deep, well-controlled bass. The design of the crossover has also been improved.



Finish options are standard: white or black lacquer or imitation walnut wood. Removable microfiber grilles and Uni-Q driver – in the color of the housings. Two new color combinations have been added, but only for two models: Indigo Gloss Special Edition for the R3 Meta (shiny blue housing and rose gold tweeter) and Titanium Gloss Special Edition (dark gray lacquer and marsala) for the R7 Meta. For bookshelf acoustics, you can additionally purchase fill-in floor stands (the same colors as the speakers) with a built-in cable channel.


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