Klangheim Gloria
Klangheim Gloria
Klangheim Gloria

Klangheim Gloria: Floorstanding loudspeaker with unusual tuning options

Ten years ago, Jörg Weber founded Klangheim Audio in Berlin. Weber, an experienced engineer, has dedicated his expertise to creating exceptional loudspeakers, having previously worked at Sehring Audio Systeme and a loudspeaker manufacturer in California. Now, he is introducing the brand new Klangheim floorstanding loudspeaker.

Klangheim Gloria: Perfect for any room

The Klangheim Gloria offers a range of unique features that allow for easy sound adjustments to suit any listening environment.

In essence, the Gloria is a two-and-a-half-way design that includes three 13 cm bass-midrange drivers and a ring radiator for high frequencies. One of the bass-midrange drivers handles frequencies below 100 Hertz, while the other two cover up to 1500 Hertz before the tweeter takes over.

Klangheim Gloria
Klangheim Gloria

What sets it apart are the three 18 cm passive membranes on the back of the trapezoidal enclosure. Their resonance frequencies can be mechanically tuned by adjusting screws and/or weights on the fine thread located in the middle of the passive membranes. This allows precise tuning to a resonance frequency between 22 and 30 Hertz.

Additionally, there’s a “filler neck” at the back where sand can be added to further dampen the enclosure and enhance the speaker’s acoustical stability.

Internally, a resonance barrier made of a mix of bitumen and MDF works to minimize unwanted vibrations, while the 30mm thick solid wood baffle is felt-mounted. The tweeter and crossover are housed in separate, enclosed chambers.

Weight, efficiency, and price

These sand-filled speakers, weighing up to 50 kilograms, have an efficiency of 87 dB/W/m and are priced starting at 13,800 euros.


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