Klipsch Cornwall IV: New edition of the speaker in a retro design

Klipsch Cornwall IV
Klipsch Cornwall IV

This year, American audio brand Klipsch is celebrating the 65th anniversary of the Cornwall speaker, which is one of six models in the Heritage series. This celebration also coincides with the 120th birthday of Paul W. Klipsch, the brand’s founder, which would have been on March 9th.

History of Cornwall

The Klipsch Cornwall speaker was first released in 1959. It was developed as an alternative to the Klipsch Heresy speaker, with the aim of being used as a center channel between two Klipschorn speakers (the very first speaker invented by Paul W. Klipsch).

After production stopped in 1990, fans expressed their displeasure in numerous letters and started a petition demanding the return of the Cornwall speaker to Klipsch’s range. In 2006, Klipsch resumed production and offered the Klipsch Cornwall III.

Updated Klipsch technology for more detailed sound

The Cornwall IV, which is currently commercially available, has been extensively optimized. The retro-inspired design has been revised: a new logo and a grille with metal effects adorn the speaker equipped with Tractrix horns. The additional black base ensures more lightness in the appearance of the striking Cornwall IV loudspeaker.

Additionally, the interior has been redesigned to incorporate Klipsch’s latest innovations. The latest evolution of the midrange driver with Tractrix horn brings even clearer and more detailed midrange to the ear. Redesigned Tractrix ports enable deeper and more powerful bass and the new crossover is responsible for an overall improved sound.

Klipsch Cornwall IV
Klipsch Cornwall IV

Technical data of the Klipsch Cornwall IV

The Klipsch Cornwall IV speaker is capable of producing a sound level of 102 dB at a distance of one meter with just one watt fed in. Its maximum load capacity is 100 watts and the maximum sound level is 119 dB in continuous operation. Like other Klipsch speakers, the Cornwall IV speakers require only low amplifier power due to their high efficiency.

Acoustically, goosebumps are guaranteed! The Cornwall IV delivers an intense, realistic and rich sound. This legendary model with its extraordinary musicality reproduces emotions as intensely as the artists intended when recording it.

Manufacturing the Heritage Series

The entire Heritage Series is crafted from wood veneer by talented craftsmen in a workshop in Hope, Arkansas, USA. The wood panels come from the same tree and are carefully selected during manufacturing to ensure that the speakers in a pair have the same color and grain.

During the entire manufacturing process right up to shipping, the loudspeakers pass through the workshop together and are continually checked. They are also provided with consecutive serial numbers so that they are never separated from each other. This means every pair is unique!

Prices and availability

The Cornwall IV speakers are available in three colors: Satin Black Ash, Natural Cherry and American Walnut. They are now available from authorized Klipsch dealers at a recommended retail price of $8,998 per pair.

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