Klipsch Promedia Heritage 2.1
Klipsch Promedia Heritage 2.1
Klipsch Promedia Heritage 2.1

Klipsch Promedia Heritage 2.1: Speaker system with a vintage touch

With the word Heritage in its name, Klipsch is relying on a distinctive design with a vintage touch, which should be understood as a reminiscence of the 75-year history of Klipschorn, loudspeakers such as the Klipsch Heresey and Klipsch La Scala.


As the name suggests, the new Klipsch ProMedia Heritage 2.1 is a solution designed as a 2.1-channel system, meaning that it also uses an additional active subwoofer in addition to the two satellites. This has the great advantage that said satellites can be relatively small and are mainly concerned with the reproduction of the high and mid frequency ranges, while the low frequency range is entirely reproduced by a powerful subwoofer.


The technical basis for this in the Klipsch ProMedia Heritage 2.1 is the so-called partially active sub/sat technology, and the manufacturer claims to have tuned this solution for the highest possible dynamics and deep bass reproduction. This should provide full, rich playback even at low levels, with the system delivering adequate punch at higher levels.


For the satellites, the designers initially used 4-inch polyfiber cone drivers, which are designed as long-throw chassis and take on the task of midrange drivers. These were combined with 1″ polymer compression drivers as tweeters. The special thing here is that even with such a compact system as the Klipsch ProMedia Heritage 2.1, the tweeter naturally also has a Klipsch Tractrix Horn, i.e. technology that is present in many legendary solutions from Klipsch and has been the embodiment of the company’s symbols for many years.


The subwoofer houses an 8-inch long-throw polyfiber cone that is supported by a bass reflex system to achieve particularly impressive depth. The three Klipsch ProMedia Heritage 2.1 amplifiers are partly actively separated, and the subwoofer level can of course be adjusted using the included remote control to optimally tailor playback to the room or individual listening position. Class D amplifiers provide 35 watts per channel of power for the satellites and 100 watts of power for the subwoofer alone. The manufacturer explicitly states that the Klipsch ProMedia Heritage 2.1 signal processing is particularly low-noise.


According to the manufacturer, the new Klipsch ProMedia Heritage 2.1 is capable of delivering a frequency range from 29 Hz to 20 kHz. The satellites have dimensions of 203 x 140 x 109 mm each, the subwoofer is much larger – 305 x 254 x 381 mm. For both, the designers chose MDF enclosures that are covered with vinyl film and, just as importantly, feature a gray textile covering of the speaker grille in typical vintage Klipsch style.


As mentioned, the Klipsch ProMedia Heritage 2.1 is a compact all-in-one system that’s probably best described as a desktop audio solution, but the main feature of the model is the addition of a Bluetooth adapter, which not only makes it possible to go wireless to connect to a laptop or workstation, but also to stream music directly from mobile gadgets to the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 BT.

Active Klipsch Promedia Heritage 2.1 Specifications 

Total Power (Peak): 2 x 35W + 150W
Satellite Speaker: 100mm Mid/Woofer, 25mm Soft Dome Tweeter, Tractrix Horn
Subwoofer: 200mm Bass-Reflex Speaker , polymer fiber cone
Streaming audio via Bluetooth
USB port, stereo RCA input
Dimensions WxHxD: 140 x 203 x 109 mm (satellite) / 254 x 305 x 381 mm (subwoofer)
Weight: 680 g (per speaker), 6.35 kg (subwoofer)