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Klipsch The Sixes: Classic versatile bookshelf speakers

Klipsch has expanded its special Heritage Wireless combo speaker series with a new model that will definitely appeal to all fans of the brand. The Sixes powered speakers feature the same classic...

Klipsch The Sixes
Klipsch The Sixes

Klipsch has expanded its special Heritage Wireless combo speaker series with a new model that will definitely appeal to all fans of the brand. The Sixes powered speakers feature the same classic Klipsch design as the other Heritage Wireless models. However, unlike the combined speakers already presented in this line, The Sixes are designed as a stereo pair, in which all the necessary electronics are built into one of the speakers.


First, a few important points about the Klipsch The Sixes. Firstly, this device is especially worth recommending to those who are planning to buy or have already bought a vinyl player – the speakers, or rather, the column, are equipped for simple and quick connection and playback of records. Secondly, don’t be afraid of a bunch of cables; to get started, you need to connect the speakers with one cable and connect the system to the power supply with the second. The power supply is built into the “active” speaker.

Thirdly, yes, one of the speakers in the system is active, it contains a power supply, phono stage, amplifier, connectors, the second is passive. You won’t be able to buy a third one, and it’s not necessary. Fourthly, Klipsch The Sixes is a scalable system. If you want, buy and connect a subwoofer; there is a separate input for it. Using optics, the device can be easily connected to a TV, and this makes sense. It can, as already mentioned, be used with a vinyl player. With a laptop, with a DJ console – no problem if you need good “monitors” for home pampering. These are ideal speakers for your computer, iMac, or for use with a laptop. Do you play on the computer? Try Klipsch The Sixes to replace your old computer speakers.


The Klipsch The Sixes feature the classic Klipsch finish found on the adult Heritage Series, and their small stands are similar to those found on the Heresy. The Klipsch The Sixes features natural wood finishes and copper logo, knobs and controls. The speakers are equipped with tweeters with titanium domes in branded Tractrix horns and midrange/woofer speakers with a diameter of 16.5 cm. On the rear panel of the leading speaker there are analogue and digital inputs (including a USB port for connecting a computer) and a subwoofer output, as well The Sixes have a built-in Bluetooth receiver.

In addition to a linear analog signal source, you can also connect a vinyl record player with an MM pickup to the speakers. The built-in DAC is capable of receiving signals with parameters up to 24 bit / 192 kHz. Amplifiers operating in class “D” are hidden under a housing made of durable, high-strength MDF. Their power is marked 100 W per channel, that is, per speaker. As expected in paired devices, the leading speaker is loaded with a slightly larger number of integrated modules.


To connect a vinyl player you will need an RCA cable, and don’t forget to move the lever on the back to the correct position (Phono) and select Phono on the remote control. In general, the word “versatility” appears very often in this text, and it best reflects the capabilities, the very essence of Klipsch The Sixes. Do you want to connect to a computer? The included USB cable will help you. Don’t forget to select this device in settings. If you take a more fashionable cable (for example, AudioQuest), the sound will be better! Not just better, but completely different! Do you want to listen to music from VKontakte from your smartphone? Bluetooth will help. Want to connect a fancy player with loaded FLAC files? The AUX input will help, and again I advise you to take care of a normal cable. Klipsch The Sixes are equipped with a remote control and, with their signature rich and dynamic sound, are an excellent choice for medium-sized rooms.

Characteristics of Klipsch The Sixes

Number of bands 2
Number of speakers 2
Housing type bass reflex woofer
6.5 inches
HF driver 1 inch, titanium dome, in Tractrix horn
Amplifier power 2 x 100 W (continuous), 2 x 200 W (peak)
Range frequencies 40 Hz – 20 kHz (-3 dB)
Connections Bluetooth, mini-jack 3.5 mm (linear), RCA (Phono), optical, USB
Subwoofer outputs
MDF housing
Dimensions (WxHxD) 200x425x279 mm
Weight 15.3 kg ( pair)


4-wire speaker cable (for RL connection)
3.5mm aux cable
USB Type B to USB Type A cable
Optical (TOSLink) cable
Wireless remote control
Power cord