Krypton unveils KX-0.5P II and KS-55HG compact loudspeakers

Krypton KX-0.5P II and KS-55HG
Krypton KX-0.5P II and KS-55HG

Krypton, the Japanese company specializing in desktop loudspeakers, has recently unveiled its newest speakers.

The initial release, named KX-0.5P II, boasts a sleek classic black design with a glossy piano lacquer finish. Setting it apart from its predecessor, the original version without the II prefix, is its enhanced connectivity options through bi-amping and bi-wiring. Additionally, the developers have incorporated a state-of-the-art PC-Triple C cable for improved wiring. Notably, the damping material composition has also been upgraded, further enhancing the overall performance of the product.

Krypton KX-0.5P II
Krypton KX-0.5P II

KX-0.5P II Price: $300


The second new product is theĀ KS-55HG active system , packaged in an aluminum case. The setup consists of a duo of speakers in a master-slave setup, featuring an active speaker and a passive one. The active speaker is equipped with a Class D power amplifier that can deliver 2 x 35 W. This system is compatible with Bluetooth technology, supporting LDAC and aptX Adaptive codecs. The sound is produced by two speakers with diameters of 63.5 mm and 30 mm.

KS-55HG Price: $800

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