Leak Sandwich 150 & 250Leak Sandwich 150 & 250
Leak Sandwich 150 & 250

Leak Sandwich 150 & 250: New loudspeaker series in retro style

Leak unveils its new sandwich speaker series, reviving a legendary design. The British brand introduces the Sandwich 150 and the larger Sandwich 250, both drawing inspiration from their iconic 1961 precursor. These models blend classic design with contemporary technology, reinventing the namesake sandwich sound transducer with cutting-edge materials. The outcome is a pair of dynamic and precise speakers that boast a nostalgic aesthetic.

The three-way speaker Sandwich 250 combines retro design with modern technology.

The Leak Sandwich construction combines a rigid aluminum skin for the outer surfaces with a flexible core. In the new edition of sandwich speakers, this layer is made of PMI structural foam, which is often used in aerospace.


The aluminum skin, on the other hand, gives the membrane a high level of rigidity. This combination of a stiff outer layer and a softer core allows the membrane to move with precision and control.

The result is a remarkably smooth frequency response over a wide range. This offers excellent transient response and minimizes unwanted distortion.

The Leak 250 is the flagship of the new sandwich series. Perched on its custom-made stand, the Leak 250 is a full-blown floorstanding speaker. The three-way speaker combines retro design with modern technology.

The transducer trio consists of an 11-inch low-frequency driver, a 4.25-inch mid-range driver and a 1.2-inch high-frequency driver. The interaction impresses with dynamic performance and powerful bass. The sound transducers are enclosed in a housing that also uses a sandwich construction.

A combination of a stiff outer layer and a softer core allows the bass membrane to move with precision and control.

The structure is made of a combination of MDF and composite panels, where the layers lie on top of each other for optimal strength of the housing. The housing is covered in a walnut real wood veneer , decorated with an aluminum insert.

Included in delivery: elegant and practical stands for the speakers, which weigh almost 27 kilograms. This means the Sandwich 250 can be placed optimally and comfortably in the room.

Eye-catcher thanks to walnut veneer: Leak 150 compact loudspeaker.

The sister model of the Leak 250 uses the same innovative technologies. However, it combines them in a much more compact housing. A 6.5-inch sandwich low-midrange transducer paired with a 1.2-inch textile tweeter effortlessly meets modern requirements for level and dynamics.


The compact dimensions allow the speakers to be integrated into almost any living space and are an eye-catcher thanks to the real walnut veneer.

Prices and Availability

Leak Sandwich 150 and Sandwich 250 are now available from specialist retailers. The recommended retail price (including VAT) for the Sandwich 150 is $1,199.

The Leak Sandwich 250 including a matching stand is available for $2,999


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