LG Soundbar Lineup 2024
LG Soundbar Lineup 2024
LG Soundbar Lineup 2024

LG soundbar lineup 2024: From flagship to entry-level

Before delving into specific models, let’s explore the key enhancements LG has introduced in its latest lineup of soundbars. Building on the success of the 2023 SC9S soundbar, tailored for LG’s C series OLED TVs, LG is broadening its collaboration between TV and soundbar.

LG is launching a new One Wall soundbar tailored for the G series OLED TVs, alongside a soundbar designed to complement the 2024 QNED TV lineup. The innovative Wow Orchestra technology, which enables LG soundbars to intelligently share speaker functions with compatible LG TVs, is being expanded and refined.

Furthermore, LG has enhanced the rear surround speaker package, streamlining the setup process by eliminating the need for a separate unit. Users now receive two wireless rear speakers connected by a single cable.

Expanding on its unique up-firing center channel speaker feature, LG now incorporates it into mid-range and premium soundbar models. This elevates dialogue vertically, creating the impression that it emanates from the screen above the soundbar, rather than from below.

LG’s AI Room Calibration Pro system, designed to automatically optimize soundbar performance for specific rooms, has been upgraded to better account for the positioning of rear speakers. This compensates for suboptimal speaker placement common among users.

Finally, LG has redesigned the speakers in its new flagship soundbars, enhancing bass response, sound balance, and clarity. The woofers are now larger at 99 x 52mm, incorporating a passive radiator and improved tweeters. Consequently, the low-frequency response extends from 200Hz to 120Hz, while peak frequencies are clearer and less prone to distortion.


Regarding specific models, LG introduces the LG SG10T soundbar tailored for G-series OLED TVs. This soundbar boasts an impressively slim, vertically oriented design intended for wall mounting directly beneath the sleek G-series TVs.

Equipped with LG’s WOWCast feature, the SG10T facilitates the wireless streaming of lossless Dolby Atmos audio between compatible LG TVs and soundbars. It’s worth noting that the SG10T is specifically recommended as a companion for 65″ G models. Conversely, the SC9S C Series soundbar, designed to complement 55″, 65″, and 77″ C Series models, will remain available until 2024.


While the SG10T is positioned as a top-tier soundbar, LG’s new S70TY soundbar, designed for the QNED LCD TV line, falls into the mid-range category. It’s crafted to complement the aesthetic of LG’s QNED80, QNED85, QNED90, and QNED95 models in 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and 86-inch sizes, as well as the premium QNED99 line in 75-inch and 86-inch sizes.

The S70TY comes with a special bracket for seamless mounting under the aforementioned TVs, eliminating the need for additional wall holes. However, unlike the SG10T and SC9S, the S70TY mount is not included by default and is offered as an optional accessory.

LG has yet to disclose full speaker specifications for the SG10T or S70TY, but has confirmed that the S70TY will incorporate one of LG’s premium center channel speakers.



LG introduces another flagship standalone soundbar, the S95TR, boasting a remarkable 810W of total power distributed across 15 audio channels. Designed to elevate your audio experience, it supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio formats, ensuring immersive soundscapes. Notably, five of the S95TR’s 15 channels are dedicated to overhead audio, delivering an enhanced vertical soundstage.

One standout feature of the S95TR is its unique center channel height speaker, meticulously engineered to reproduce the nuances of object-based audio formats. Additionally, this model adopts the new speaker design previously mentioned, enhancing bass response, sound balance, and clarity for an unparalleled listening experience.


Stepping down from the S95TR but still within LG’s premium soundbar lineup is the LG S90TY soundbar. While specific details about this model have not yet been provided by LG, if it follows the trend of its predecessor, the S90QY, it’s expected to be a soundbar-subwoofer model featuring 5.1.3 channels. Additionally, it’s likely to be compatible with the new optional wireless rear panel for an enhanced audio experience.

Mid-range and entry-level soundbars 2024

LG’s new mid-range soundbars, including the S70TR, S70TY, S60TR, and S60T, have been introduced for 2024. While specific specifications have not yet been provided by LG, they are expected to offer enhanced features compared to their predecessors, potentially including center channel height speakers.

These models will offer a reduced number of channels and output power compared to higher-end options. Additionally, LG will introduce the S40T and S20T as its new entry-level soundbar models for 2024. Details such as channel numbers and power ratings for these models have not been disclosed by LG.

It’s worth noting that some 2022 and 2023 LG soundbars will continue to be available in 2024, including the LG QP5, SE6S “Eclair,” SH7Q, and SNH5 models.