LG’s new XBOOM GO Series speakers are ideal for enjoying music at the beach this summer


LG Electronics recently launched the LG XG8T and LG XG2T portable Bluetooth speakers as part of their XBOOM GO series. These speakers are perfect for parties and entertainment on the move. LG Electronics even went as far as testing these speakers to military standards to ensure durability against extreme conditions like high temperatures, rain, and sand.

  New LG wireless audio systems XBOOM GO series

The LG XBOOM GO XG2T is a lightweight portable speaker that weighs less than 500 grams. It comes with a versatile adjustable cord that can be easily attached to a backpack, bike handles, tent poles, and more. With its Sound Boost EQ mode, you can personalize the sound quality to suit any environment. Plus, its long-lasting battery ensures up to 10 hours of music playback, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes all day. And with its IP67 dust and water protection rating, you can confidently take the XG2T speaker outdoors without worrying about any damage.

Portable Bluetooth speaker LG XBOOM GO XG8T

The LG XBOOM GO XG 8 T Portable Bluetooth Speaker is like a big, party-ready boombox that comes with colorful LED lights to set the festive mood. You can control the backlight using the special XBOOM smartphone app. With a full battery charge, this speaker can keep the music playing for up to 15 hours. It also comes with a versatile adjustable belt made of soft and durable fabric. You can use it as a shoulder strap for long beach trips or as a shorter strap for easy carrying.

The XG8T speaker boasts an oval low-frequency driver and two cone tweeters. The amplifiers deliver a powerful total output of up to 120 watts. And if you want to really feel the bass, just switch on the Sound Boost EQ mode to fill the area with deep, booming sound.

  Portable Bluetooth speaker LG XBOOM GO XG8T

The XBOOM wireless audio systems from LG have two models, the XG8T and the XG2T. Both models are compatible with the XBOOM app for iOS and Android devices. With the XG8T, you can choose different lighting effects for each song, enhancing your listening experience. The XBOOM app also allows you to control audio settings, playlists, equalizers, and more for both the XG2T and XG8T models. The new XBOOM GO series is now available for purchase, with the XG8T priced at $379.99 and the smaller XG2T priced at $79.99.

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