LiveHorn Grand HorizonLiveHorn Grand Horizon
LiveHorn Grand Horizon

LiveHorn launches Grand Horizon horn speaker

The French company Live Horn presented the flagship horn speaker system Grand Horizon . The developers write about their product: “The Grand Horizon model is a timeless sculpture, reminiscent of the first gramophones, and, at the same time, exceptional audiophile speakers – the result of many years of development, which has absorbed the best of innovative sound reproduction technologies” .

Live Horn Grand Horizon speakers are pre-ordered only, installed and configured in your home according to your wishes That is, when ordering, you can discuss the materials used, the colors of the finish, add the system with a network or vinyl player, CD player, or integrate it into a home theater. Finally, the use of a digital processor with the LiveHorn Grand Horizon allows them to adapt their sound to the acoustic characteristics of the listening room.



Live Horn Grand Horizon loudspeakers are distinguished by the use of very high efficiency drivers combining dynamic drivers and acoustic horns This solution allows you to get a very dynamic sound that creates an amazing sense of physical presence when playing music – you are transported to the center of the concert hall and can experience the emotions of a live performance.

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