Magico M7 Review: A revolutionary speaker system

Magico M7 Review
Magico M7 Review
Magico M7 Review
Magico M7

In June 2020, Magico, LLC introduced the unrivaled flagship speaker system M9. The M9 was and remains the most advanced and high-performance speaker system in Magico history. All the discoveries made during the extensive research and development program for the M9 have now been implemented in the Magico M7 loudspeaker system.

The M7 was designed by company founder and CEO Alon Wolf as a more affordable version of the semi-active M9. Magico’s engineering team was tasked with creating a completely passive M7 capable of delivering sound quality previously unattainable from a speaker system of its size. The development process included tools such as the Klippel Near-Field scanner and Polytec Laser Doppler vibrometer, as well as many other advanced tools. The result of the M7 development project amazed Magico engineers. In its final stages of development in the demo room, the Magico M7 proved to be far more impressive than the sum of its impressive parts.


High tech speakers

All M7 drivers have been designed to eliminate music distortion in the frequency and time domains. Their design has been optimized using the latest FEA modeling technologies. Acoustic, mechanical, electromagnetic and thermal behavior were studied on a single platform, allowing simultaneous optimization of each parameter.

The ultimate in tweeter technology

The M7 uses a tweeter designed for the M9. This high-frequency 28mm driver uses a beryllium diaphragm with optimized geometry. The diaphragm is then coated with diamond using a chemical vapor deposition process to bring the beryllium substrate as close to the theoretical ideal as possible. Magico engineers created a new neodymium-based drive system, resulting in the lowest possible distortion, enormous dynamic capability and even more power than previous designs. Finally, the acoustic performance of the rear camera has been improved using extensive FEA modeling. The high-frequency detail of this driver is simply unmatched by competing designs.

Mesmerizing midrange

The M7’s midrange driver is a high-tech element designed specifically to reproduce the midrange frequencies of the audio spectrum. It features a Gen 8 Nano-Tec cone made from an aluminum honeycomb core clad in layers of graphene-infused carbon fiber. This structure ensures optimal acoustic performance.

The speaker is supported by a new frame design and foam around the cone, allowing for perfect integration of the speaker elements. The result was a quick return of the cone to its original position and minimal sound distortion.

An important component of this speaker system is an innovative neodymium-based magnetic drive system that uses two extra-large magnets to create a stable magnetic field. Pure copper pole cover helps minimize eddy currents and improve efficiency. This breakthrough in midrange driver technology sets a new standard in frequency and time domain measurements.

Music lives in the midrange bass

The M7 9-inch mid-bass driver uses a new cabinet design combined with Magico’s Gen 8 Nano-Tec cone. The cone consists of an aluminum honeycomb core coated on the outside and inside with layers of carbon fiber with the addition of graphene. This driver features a 127mm diameter voice coil and a neodymium-based magnetic drive system that uses two extra-large magnets. The vented voice coil cylinder, made of pure titanium, provides +/- 13 mm of stable movement. This highly sensitive driver is capable of producing 120 dB sound at a distance of 1 m in its operating frequency band. Separating the power region from the lower octaves allows the M7’s mid-bass section to bring music to life in a unique way unattainable with designs other than the M9.

Bass that will make you move

The new 12-inch M7 woofer uses a new Gen 8 Magico Nano-Tec cabinet design and cone that includes an aluminum honeycomb core sandwiched between outer and inner layers of graphene-reinforced carbon fiber. This driver features a 127mm diameter voice coil, a neodymium-based magnetic drive system using an extra-large magnet and a top magnet to create an ultra-stable magnetic field. The design includes a huge copper cap and a vented pure titanium voice coil barrel, which promotes stable +/- 15mm travel with very high sensitivity. The new composite basket provides excellent heat dissipation without distortion when swinging. This driver is capable of producing 120dB SPL sound at 25Hz measured at 1m.


Organic body shape

Magico’s continuous research and development in the field of body vibration and stored energy has resulted in many groundbreaking advances. The M7 hull design is simply not possible using traditional sheet metal construction methods. The M7’s body begins with a carbon fiber monocoque shell designed using finite element analysis (FEA). Attached to this is a multi-machined 6061-T6 aluminum front baffle with confinement layer damping using aerospace composites, which is attached to an aluminum rear baffle with stress bars from front to back. The result is a cabinet that produces negligible internal resonances, allowing the use of minimal amounts of damping – again a design optimized conceptually and then tested to perfection. The baffle shape was polished until there were virtually no measurable diffraction effects left.

The overall structure of the M7 provides maximum strength in every axis, with extreme stiffness and hardness, and minimal energy storage. The M7 is essentially a silent design.


Elliptical symmetrical crossover

The M7 uses Magico’s elliptical symmetrical crossover (ESXO) in its most advanced and expensive form. The four-way crossover includes components from Mundorf from Germany and Duelund Coherent Audio from Denmark – only the best of their types and ratings were selected. The ESXO M7 crossover perfectly combines six speakers into a virtual point source—six speakers sound like one.

Attention to detail

A custom support system has been developed specifically for the M7 using MPOD technology to ensure a completely stable position on the floor, eliminating noise and ensuring a perfect connection to the floor. Additionally, the M7’s support system offers a subtle visual contrast to the carbon fiber and aluminum body.

Finally, on the back of each M7 speaker is a chrome plate with Alon Wolf’s signature. This ensures that every M7 speaker that leaves the Magico factory has Wolf’s personal approval.

M7 joins the pantheon of great Magico products

There has never been a completely passive design capable of such amazing sound quality before. M7 is the speaker system for those who were waiting for something truly special.


The Magico M7 is a four-way, six-speaker floorstanding speaker system that delivers amazing performance. It features the latest Magico technology, an organic carbon fiber and aluminum body, and the latest Elliptical Symmetry Crossover. The M7 is a masterpiece of modern loudspeaker engineering.

M7 Specifications

  • Configuration: 4-way, 6-driver design
  • Tweeter: MBD5D 1.1” (28mm) with pure beryllium diamond coated diaphragm
  • Mid-range speaker: MAG5004RTC 5” Gen 8
  • Mid-bass speaker: MAG9508HE 9” Gen 8 (2 pcs.)
  • Bass speaker: MAG12008HE 12” Gen 8 (2 pcs.)
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Frequency range: 18 Hz – 50 kHz
  • Recommended power: 50 W – 1000 W
  • Dimensions: 65” (164 cm) H x 29” (73 cm) D x 19.3” (49 cm) W
  • Weight: 526 lb (239 kg)
  • Note: All specifications and parameters are subject to change.
  • Delivery date: 1st quarter 2024.