Magico S5 MKII 2024: A new generation of legendary speakers unveiled

In 2023, Magico introduced the new generation S series with the Magico S3 MKII. Now, in 2024, the Magico S5 MKII celebrates the company’s 20th anniversary with numerous enhancements and a larger body compared to the S3. Despite the increased size, the S5 maintains the signature elegance of the S series.

The Magico S5 MKII 2024 features a newly designed curved aluminum cabinet that has been optimized through 3D modeling to reduce internal resonances and enhance structural rigidity, all while ensuring the necessary level of damping. The front wall of the cabinet is uniquely curved to minimize diffraction effects. Notably, the internal volume of the S5 has increased by 31% from the previous model, allowing for a lower operating range of 20 Hz (a 5 Hz decrease) while maintaining the same sensitivity of 88 dB.

Magico acoustic models rely on their proprietary speaker manufacturing technologies. One notable feature of Magico diffusers is the use of a honeycomb aluminum core surrounded by a carbon fiber shell reinforced with graphene. The Nano-Tec v.8 cone, made possible by newly developed manufacturing technologies, boasts a thinner and lighter design, as well as enhanced damping capabilities.

To further enhance their speakers, Magico has incorporated a new generation of chassis in the S5 MKII 2024 model. This third-generation design improves both mechanical and acoustic parameters, including force distribution and suspension design. The new chassis strikes the perfect balance between stiffness and damping.

The tweeter in the Magico S5 MKII 2024 loudspeakers is based on the renowned M series model. It features a 28 mm diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm and a powerful neodymium magnet system, ensuring minimal distortion and increased power compared to previous S-series speakers. Through meticulous FEA modeling, Magico has successfully improved the mechanical and acoustic characteristics of the rear tweeter chamber.

The dynamic head of the Magico S5 MKII 2024 speaker handles the mid-frequency range, equipped with a 6-inch diffuser and a 3-inch voice coil. It incorporates a Nano-Tec v.8 material diffuser and a third-generation chassis. This speaker boasts two large neodymium magnets, an all-copper cap, and a pure titanium voice coil.

For the bass region, the Magico S5 MKII 2024 relies on a pair of 10-inch drivers. Each driver features a 5-inch titanium voice coil and a Nano-Tec v.8 cone, housed in a third-generation chassis capable of half-inch linear movement.

To ensure seamless integration between the different frequency ranges, the Magico S5 MKII 2024 speaker utilizes Linkwitz-Riley filters with a 24 dB slope for its crossover. The crossover circuit incorporates top-of-the-line components from Mundorf in Germany, including MResist Ultra resistors and Mundorf MCoil Foil coils.

In terms of aesthetics, the Magico S5 MKII 2024 loudspeakers offer a wide range of premium finishes. There are six options of Softec finishes, known for their rich color depth, smooth texture, and exceptional durability. Additionally, there are six High Gloss finishes, expertly polished to achieve a stunning high-gloss shine.

The Magico S5 MKII 2024 speakers, when ordered in 2024, will be accompanied by a unique case filled with accessories to commemorate Magico’s 20th anniversary. This exclusive keepsake, tailored for the S5 model, features a design mirroring the sleek curves of the speaker itself. Every aluminum accessory box is intricately engraved with the serial numbers of your S5 pair and the distinctive Magico “20” anniversary emblem.